Australia Was Named The Most Creative Country In The World And Nobody Noticed

‘STRAYAAAAAAA Australia hasn’t done enough boasting about its creative chops lately, even though a Canadian think-tank has named the country the most creative nation in the world. Damn straight.

The Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) quietly released a research report in July, presenting the findings of the not-so-creatively-titled Global Creativity Index (GCI), putting Australia at the top of the pack above the likes of the United States, New Zealand and Canada.

It’s a given that this study wasn’t really needed to confirm just how clever Aussies are. I mean, we’ve combined Vegemite with chocolate, are boosting the economy by a shitload with our sweet, sweet live music sector, and even our goddamn koalas are known to get a bit creative.

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Anyhow, here’s how MPI came to their conclusion:

MPI’s report used the three Ts of economic development – which everyone knows are talent, technology and tolerance (duh) – to rank 139 countries and come to an overall measurement of their creativity and prosperity.

Australia placed in the top 10 in all three categories, coming seventh in technology, fourth in tolerance (somehow) and first in talent. That’s right, the most creative people in the world apparently come from down under.

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The tolerance category is defined by a country’s “openness to ethnic and religious minorities and gay and lesbian people”, so Australia did pretty well in that category, despite arguments that we might think it’s not as tolerant as it should or could be.

According to MPI, a nation’s creativity is closely linked to its economic strength, prosperity, productivity, and levels of inequality. So at least we’re doing alright in their eyes, Australia.

Show your creative pride by basking in the glory of Australia’s number one ranking in the top 20 most creative countries in the world, below, and read MPI’s full Global Creativity Index report over at the MPI website.

Global Creativity Index Overall Rankings 2016 (Top 20)

Data via The Martin Prosperity Institute.