Muse Are Looking To 2016 For An Australian Tour


Space rockers Muse are on the cusp of releasing their seventh – read ’em seventh – studio album Drones, and are already planning on when they can showcase the record to Australian fans.

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has told Music Feeds the band have every intention on bringing their Drones tour to Australia, and thinks 2016 could be the year for it.

“We’ve been to Australia with every album we’ve ever done so there’s no reason not to with this album,” he said. “I mean, we haven’t got any dates booked at the moment but I’m almost positive we will all come to Australia.”

“I think it’s more likely to be the middle of next year or maybe towards the end of next year,” he added. “I know we’re doing stuff in the ‘States at the end of this year and then there’s the European stuff after that, but I’m sure, after that, Australia will be on the list. I’m positive we’ll be down at some point.”

Muse recently showcased songs from their new album at at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the UK this past weekend.

Drones is due out in Australia on June 5th.