House Rules: The Golden Pony Choose Their Top 5 Favorite Records


From acid house remixes of classic Simon and Garfunkel to their gangsta house rendition of the Doc’s “Forgot About Dre,”  The Golden Pony posse, consisting of DJ/Producer-duo Timothy Monkiewicz and Thomas Murphy, continue to impress. Fresh off their BangOn! NY performance, the Brooklyn-based boys got in touch with our friends at to key us in to their all time favorite vinyl records. 


Top 5 Favorite Records 

1)  Daft Punk – One More Time


Name one person who loves modern dance music and doesnt know and love this track!  From kids who love EDM to undergorund house heads, theres no denying this single!

2) Kano – I’m Ready


The quintessential Italo disco track!  

3)  Rolling Stones – Sticky Finger’s


Of all the awesome ‘Stones and Classic Rock records in general, I’m gonna pick this one as it has a picture of a pair of jeans on the record cover, and the jeans have a zipper that works!

4)  Ray Charles – Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul


I fell asleep every night in college to this one!

5)  NWA- Straight Outta Compton  


This inspired me to start my first ever music project, a rap duo with my 8th grade friend.

Favorite Record Shop

Mystery Train Records


This is my favorite for many reason, one being that it was the first record shop I went too, which was also because my uncle owns it!  It used to be located in Harvard Square in Cambridge next to Oona’s thrift shop, which was owned by my Aunt! Vintage clothes and old records define much of my personality, so I owe a lot to these two shops. 

My favorite find at Mystery Train was Exuma’s Exuma. This is an amazing album that defies genres but is super pop sensible, check it out!


The Golden Pony portrait courtesy of @salernogamer/@liammcmullancompany.