All 92 ‘Step Up’ Movie Dance Sequences – RANKED


80. Enter: Nora Clark (Step Up)

Step Up Meet Introducing Nora

Nora gets a better introduction than Tyler does, dancing her way through class at MSA, but we learn more about her from the dialogue that follows than from her movements. Fortunately, she has better sequences later.


79. The World Jam Opening Montage (Step Up 3D)

Step Up 3D World Jam Opening Montage

The introductory montage to the epic World Jam features some very cool dancers, but it’s pretty short and, worse, we have no idea why any of them are there. The final two crews were already decided before the World Jam began. Did these people just rush the stage and start krunking?


78. LMNTRIX Tourist Montage (Step Up All In)

Step Up All In Las Vegas Montage

LMNTRIX has been working hard. It’s time to play hard on the streets of Las Vegas. You have to love their aggressively innocent antics – oh my, Andie’s wearing a false mustache! – but the dancing isn’t really the highlight here. The characters are.


77. Nora’s Uplifting Rehearsal (Step Up)

Step Up Nora's Wacky Try Outs

Nora’s lost her dance partner (the perpetually useless Andrew) and needs a new rehearsal partner, but dang it, none of these sophomores can do a lift. Didn’t they see Dirty Dancing? Don’t they know that’s half the job?


76. Step Up 2 Credits Montage (Step Up 2 The Streets)

Step Up 2 The Streets Credits Montage

The beloved Step Up closing credits montage begins here with an energetic, sepia-toned display of memorable moves from the film and impressive steps that got cut out. But the real highlight of the Step Up 2 The Streets closing credits sequence is yet to come.


75. The Moose Family in Love (Step Up All In)

Step Up All In The Family Moose

Moose’s Aunt and Uncle run the Cha Cha dance studio, and although they can’t really whip out any sick jumps, they still dance together because they’re in love. Aw… isn’t that sweet?


74. Luke & Natalie’s Parkour Training (Step Up 3D)

Step Up 3D Parkour Training

Parkour was all the rage when Step Up 3D came out, leading to a completely unnecessary but basically fun training sequence with Luke and Natalie springing around New York City rooftops. If this training had paid off in any way, shape or form, it would have ranked higher.


73. Andie’s MSA Audition (Step Up 2 The Streets)

Step Up 2 The Street's Andie's MSA Audition

Andie gets to stay in Baltimore if she gets into MSA, but first she has to actually audition?! What a cruel twist of fate! Andie busts out her street moves in front of the snooty judges and gets in, mostly out of novelty. These are NOT Andie’s best dance moves, as we see both before and after her audition.


72. Emily’s Solo (Step Up Revolution)

Step Up Revolution Emily's Solo

Maybe Winwood is cursed. Emily barely got into the school in the first place, and now that she’s lost her dance partner due to flash mob-related circumstances, she has to do her project all alone. The whole point is that she tanks it, but Step Up Revolution tries a little too hard to push the point home.


71. Winwood Rehearsal Montage (Step Up Revolution)

Step Up Revolution Winwood Rehearsal Montage

They’re sexy. They’re on a beach. They’re dancing. We’ve seen it, but this is still a nice little sequence.