Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott’s Death Covered in Horrific Fashion by UK Tabloids


The tabloids over here in the UK have got a terrible reputation, and unfortunately that reputation is entirely justified. Yet another example of their irrefutable luridness comes today, following the untimely death of L'Wren Scott, girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. 

It is being reported that L'Wren Scott took her own life in her apartment in New York, before being found by her assistant at 10am. Naturally, British tabloids such as the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and Daily Star felt that story wasn't interesting enough for their readerships, and so therefore decided to take photographs of Mick Jagger's face at the exact moment he learned of his girlfriend's tragic death.


If that wasn't loathsome enough, the Mirror, which claims to be the UK's "intelligent tabloid", has today opted to run with the headline "L'Wren Scott dead: Rock god Mick Jagger claimed to have 4,000 notches on his bedpost" on its homepage. Oh, that Mick, ay? His girlfriend's gone 'n' topped herself, but think of all those women he shagged before her! What a lothario, ay?

But Mick Jagger's a CELEBRITY, folks, so his grief should be in the public domain, right? We should be informed of all the intricate details of his bereavement, and be able to practically taste his salty tears while we read our morning newspapers. 

Wrong. Here's the only information you, I and everybody else needs to know: The Rolling Stones were set to play a gig in Perth on March 19th. That gig has now been cancelled, and ticketholders have been asked to keep their tickets until further information is available. That's it.

Photo: Getty Images