Worst Celebrity Girlfriends (and Wives) Of Sport Stars

After being swept by the Giants, there are many fans in Detroit bemoaning the Curse of the Celebrity Girlfriend that have befallen their ace, Justin Verlander, by super model Kate Upton.

First, he blew the All-Star Game which gave home field advantage to the Giants. Then he blew Game 1 of the World Series, which paved the way to the eventual sweep. His woes have Crave wondering where Kate ranks among the all-time Worst Celebrity Girlfriends of Sport Stars.

Some of these were seen as curses. Some were just really bad spouses.

#1 – Tawny Kitaen

Imagine being a pitcher and “fans” asking you to autograph a high heel while you warm up in the bullpen. That became the life of Chuck Finley after marriage to ex-Whitesnake video star. Kitaen responded to an argument by physically abusing Finley with a high heel. Finley buck the steoretype and didn’t fight back and instead filed charges. He became a joke to idiots and Kitaen became a role model of horrible Celebrity Girlfriends.

#2 – Madonna – The Material Girl disabled more than Guy Ritchie’s career.  She might have been the beginning of the end for Jose Canseco. His home run totals got cut in half, he was traded away to the Rangers, and he slowly faded away as a ballplayer. She also dated Alex Rodriguez and Dennis Rodman during their non-peak years.

Side Note – there is a whole “Curse of Madonna’s Kiss” that reviews how everyone who has ever kissed Madonna had their career get handcuffed including Sean Penn, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson.

#3 – Evelyn Lozada – Evelyn is a Celebrity Catch-22. She is a celebrity because she was on a reality show. She had a reality show because she was a “celebrity”. The “Basketball Wives” “star” made OchoCinco Johnson.” Besides both being “reality show” personalities they also had a physical reputation.  She supposedly found a receipt for a condom (never shown) and confronted “Chad”. He supposedly headbutted her. Long story short, he gets cut from the Miami Dolphins and losses his  t.v. shows.

#4 – Jessica Simpson – It is cute when your girlfriend wears your jersey … when you’re a fan. When you’re Tony Romo and your girlfriend is Jessica Simpson wearing your pink jersey … you’re open to some chuckles. Moms wear your jerseys, not wives and girlfriends. Personally, I thought it was adorable and very supportive. It felt like the cheerleader and the jock from high school all over again. However, fans don’t want to know that you were in Cabo before a playoff game unless you actually win. 

The trouble came when fans started noticing that Romo was choking it up whenever Jessica was in the stands. It is until this day, that Jessica Simpson is the gold standard of Curse of Celebrity Girlfriend.

#5 – Kim Kardashian

Forget Kris Humphries. Remember Reggie Bush. That poor man went from Heisman winner and 2nd pick in the draft to having three seasons filled with injuries, lack of production and an eventual departure to Miami. Since the break-up, he has started to rebound.

#6 – Rihanna – Matt Kemp has one dip on his career resume – The summer of Rhianna. After the break-up, Kemp hit 80 points higher and increased his HR total by 50 percent.

#7 – Anna Benson – Mets’ Pitcher married Anna after meeting her while she was stripping in Nashville. She goes on to a modeling career and even makes Maxim’s Top 100 Sexiest Woman. She revealed details on the couple’s sex lives, told Howard Stern she would cheat with the entire Mets team if Kris ever cheated on her, and even criticized the Mets organization and other players. The last sparked rumors of a trade of the middling pitcher to get his outspoken wife out of New York.

#8 – Cameron Diaz – Alex Rodriguez hasn’t been the same since cameras caught Cameron feeding A-Rod popcorn during the Super Bowl. He had a worse playoff than Verlander.

#9 – Gisele – Another suspect of possessing the Curse of Celebrity Girlfriend.  Tom Brady may still play well on the field, but this is the NFL we’re talking about. One thing matters and Brady is 0-2 in the Super Bowl since he met Gisele.

#10 – Kate Upton

At this point, Kate Upton is a notable mention. One meaningful game does not make a curse. Giants won out right.

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