Sebastian Stan Goes Full Frontal and Unveils His Winter Soldier in Indie Romance ‘Monday’

Sex. Nudity. That’s why we watch movies right? That’s certainly why you clicked on this article—the off chance you’re shown something that is usually covered. Regardless, you may or may not remember the headlines from 2018, when Sebastian Stan AKA The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Bucky Barnes went buck naked riding a moped around Athens. He and his costar, Denise Gough, were filming the indie romance, Monday, which is in theaters and on-demand now. For those of you still here for skin, check out Stan’s Instagram post below.


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Speaking with The Wrap, Stan was asked about unveiling his Winter Soldier in Monday. You may find the actor’s explanation reminiscent of a third (fourth?) date: 

If it was truthful and made sense…Obviously, trust was a big thing here. I knew we were trying to tell such an honest depiction of a relationship that we were going to be open to whatever that meant, as long as it remained truthful and made sense.” 

What works about Argyris Papadimitropoulos’ (Suntan) Monday is that third date. It centers on the relationship between Mickey (Stan) and Chloe (Gough), who meet over a long weekend in Greece. What starts as a drunken fling turns into a cringe-worthy poem before clarity breeds resentment. The film has been praised for its realistic depiction of a relationship’s highs and lows—when the lust of a fling fades and two people have to decide if there’s enough love there to do the work. That said, here’s a picture of Stan and Gough on that moped.

Photo: TMZ

Thanks to the environment created by Papadimitropoulos, the duo felt comfortable gleefully abandoning their knickers and revving a scooter in public. Nothing the scene feels forced which helps Monday retain its sense of realism. While far from perfect, it’s a poignant and sobering reminder of all those flings, misguided missions we completed under the guise of a happy ending. However, like a brainwashed killer (or Winter Soldier), we weren’t thinking straight. Screw it, those aren’t the worst memories.

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