The Surprisingly Violent Booby Traps of ‘Home Alone’ Turn 30

Nothing brings the family together like watching Joe Pesci getting set on fire by a psychotic 8-year-old. Few films capture the wonder of suburban childhood fantasies quite like Home Alone. It has heart, slapstick violence and a stellar John Williams score. It’s one of the most profitable holiday movies of all time and one of the most memorable films of 1990. For 21 years, it was the highest-grossing live-action comedy. It spawned a whole franchise of films and is currently being rebooted.

However, the fates of its cast have been mixed. Some have gone on to become big stars, while others have faced tragedy. The film’s breakout star, Macaulay Culkin, battled the effects of fame at a young age. We catch up with him and the other cast members on the film’s 30-year anniversary. If you haven’t seen Home Alone in a while, there are many names on this list that might surprise you.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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