padres fan chugs beer
Hand of woman holding cup of beer in baseball stadium

Female Padres Fan Catches Foul Ball With Beer, Chugs It

Hand of woman holding cup of beer in baseball stadium. Photo: Steve Prezant (Getty)

Fellas, forget your favorite Instagram model — yes, even Elizabeth Turner. You want a woman like Gabby DiMarco instead. Trust us.

The San Diego native was at the Padres game Tuesday night when she caught a foul ball …WITH HER BEER. Turning her coolness up to 11, she immediately chugged said beer with her new souvenir still in the cup.

It’s a bad ass move that’s made her go viral.

Here’s our hero celebrating her foul ball catch of the night:


All that’s left to do is speculate what kind of beer was in her cup. PetCo Park does have an incredible selection of delicious craft beers to savor. But we digress.

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Describing what happened, DiMarco told, “It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup.” Sounds like one of those, “OH, look what I found!” moments.

DiMarco still owned the moment like the second coolest chick alive (the first being my wife, of course).

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.


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