Amy Schumer Is Playing A Boxer

Amy Schumer


Even though her movie about a woman who doesn’t feel attractive until she suffers a concussion isn’t out yet, world renowned athlete Amy Schumer is set to star as a boxer in another female empowering movie where I assume her character also gets a concussion. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

The comedian is in talks for Christy Martin, a boxing drama based on the life and career of the titular world-champion fighter who pushed for women’s place in the sport.

Yes, we have to thank Christy Martin for women’s boxing becoming as popular as it is today. It’s so popular I just Googled Christy Martin and now she’s the only female boxer I know. This movie is already doing its job. Respect.

The film will follow Martin’s journey from a gym in West Virginia to becoming the first woman signed by famed boxing promoter Don King. The movie will also delve into her personal life and her marriage to an abusive boxing trainer, Jim Martin, who shot and stabbed Martin after she told him she was leaving him for a woman. She would later testify against him in court, sending him to prison for 25 years.

Oh, wait. This sounds like a drama. I guess since Kurt Metzger and Anthony Jeselnik isn’t writing her stuff anymore, she has to move to serious stuff. Good for her. I’m sure Amy Schumer playing a boxer in a drama will be a big hit. Big. And when it bombs worse than Syria, she can blame the alt-right or whatever. Luckily, she’s playing a boxer so when she gets hit in the mouth she won’t feel it because she doesn’t have any lips.