Stormy Daniels Did ’60 Minutes’

Stormy Daniels


The highly-publicized Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview was last night, and I had high hopes it would be as big as her pupils (what’s up with those, btw?) , but it was just whatever. Reading Twitter before the interview was more fun, because I got to see people on the right claiming cheating on your wife with a porn star is no big deal and people on the left claiming marriage is the holiest of sacred bonds and any elected official who violates that is a threat to democracy. It was hilarious. Anway, Daniels reportedly signed a $130,000 NDA, but she went on national television and risked legal action and fines to not really tell a story. Per CNN:

Daniels didn’t reveal evidence of the alleged affair with Trump, but continued to hint that she isn’t yet revealing all she has. Asked if she has videos, pictures, emails or text messages that corroborate the affair, Daniels said, “I can’t answer that right now.
Then why gather us all here, Stormy? Also, what’s going on with your eyebrows? You have $130,000, get those hooked up. She also said she let Trump hit it raw (that’s his thing apparently) even though she wasn’t attracted to him. It’s unclear if she thought that would make Trump look like a monster with men in the 18-dead demographic. Like, why was this aired? A porn star claiming that she had consensual sex with Trump might be the best news he’s had since 2015. A hotter porn star would have made this better news, but still. You understand what I’m saying.