Seth Rogen Got A Special Forces Bodyguard Because Of North Korea

By now, you’ve probably read on Facebook that Sony has completely scrapped The Interview, therefore causing my prediction to come true. These colors never run! Especially when we have moral stands to take like standing in line at Chick-Fil-A to support a rich guy’s interpretation of a book that was written buy a bunch of other dudes. Or by illegally downloading The Interview. But that’s pretty much all we do, because all it really takes is an anonymous threat and somebody to mention “9/11” and we’ll piss ourselves. The terrorists won in 2001, because you’ve been living in fear ever since. But I assume you’re not as scared as Seth Rogen yet, because he just hired an ex-SF bodyguard. Say what you want about North Korea, but they indirectly just saved millions of Americans from potential torture. Kudos to them.