Nobody Is Promoting ‘The Interview’ Anymore

Just in case Sony needed something else to make it crumble to the ground, James Franco and Seth Rogen are no longer promoting The Interview and the NYC premiere has been canceled. Sony is also allowing theaters to decide if they want to play the movie with no financial penalty.

On the same day the Sony hackers made a 9/11 scale threat against theaters showing “The Interview” — the New York premiere of Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s movie has been scrapped. A rep for the Landmark Sunshine Cinema confirms Thursday’s scheduled premiere is cancelled. It’s unclear if the event will be rescheduled. This is the first cancellation for an event surrounding the controversial movie. The Hollywood premiere went on as planned last week, but they didn’t do any red carpet interviews.  As TMZ first reported … the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security doesn’t view the latest threats as credible. Sony is letting theaters decide whether to play the movie — leaving the door open for big financial losses.

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