Me and the Superficial. Not that anyone cares.

I know some of you have gotten an email from Karl Wang of the Superficial that detailed how awful I am and what a helpless victim he is. I’ll spare you the pedantic details and name calling, just know that I have written the majority of his site for the past 6 months. All those posts will be on here come Monday, so you can see for yourself how much of that site was me and not him, including some of the more popular posts like the Oscar Night blog and the April Scott interview, which I have put up in a temp form for now just as a reminder. I threw in a couple of old random posts too, in no discernable order, just cause thats how I roll.

The Superficial was funny before I got there and it will be funny now that I’m gone. I encourage everyone to read both sites and you can determine for yourselves if Mr. Wang should be as nervous as he seems in his email. This page will not be a Superficial clone. It will be different, mostly thanks to my friend Jenny, who will probably be here more than I am, since her job as a fluffer has really flexible hours. I apologize that our readers have been subjected to this kind of juvenile tug-of-war.

Thanks again. Later. See you next week.

note – just in case anyone stumbled onto this page by accident, we’re not up and running quite yet, we still have to add the archives and configure our database. We hope to be at full speed by Monday, July 11.