RANKED! 10 Years Of Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

Photos: Marvel Studios

You gotta give it to Marvel — they really put in the time and effort to make you care about their movies. With 2018 making it ten years since Iron Man brought about the cinematic universe to end all cinematic universes (sorry DC, but you just haven’t hit your stride and will likely have to be rebooted once more before you get it right), we figured the time was as good as any to make a little update to the list we began hammering out three years back. Of course, now that we have a clearer clearer picture of the grand scheme of things with Avengers: Infinity War now in theaters, we’ve tweaked the criteria a bit. Basically, all we are going to be looking at is overall quality and relevance to the connective tissue of it all. faithfulness to source material be damned; the Marvel Cinematic Universe films are essentially their own separate entity by this point, so why bother comparing?

***WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (although we’ll do our best to keep them to a minimum) ***

We definitely went lighter on the details and explanations this time around, but that’s what cursing at us in the comments section on Facebook is all about.