Bird Completely Owns Stupid Box-Obsessed Cat Trying To Give It The Business

Photo: Twitter

I’ll never understand the love cats receive. They certainly don’t return the favor. Even when they do show affection, it’s always on their terms. And they’ll snap at you on a second’s notice for no reason at all, so why bother.

In that respect, I feel like I am a kindred spirit of sorts to birds. I don’t necessarily hate any cat I see on sight, but if I attempt to pet or play with one and it blows me off, I’m out. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

Bird Completely Owns Cat In A Box

So what’s a bird to do when he seemingly helps a feline out of a jam, only to get the respect one would come to expect for such a valiant effort? Close the lid on that little asshole, that’s what!

The video was posted by Twitter user Keith from Dublin, and captioned, “This is the best video ever.” Not exactly sure I can agree with that, but at 28K likes in its first 24 hours and growing, it’s certainly a contender. No word yet on whether or not the little furball ever got out of the box, but then again, who cares? With a cat-titude like that, it had it coming.

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