Post Cinco de Mayo Tequilas: Hair of the Chihuahua That Bit You

Not everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo, but those who do can make it serious work. If you live in that pueblo, you might have trouble reading these words at the moment.

Fear not. The best cure for a Cinco de Mayor hangover is more tequila. Sure, those so-called “doctors” will tell you the solution is hydration and rest. What do they know?

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To get you back on the road to health, we wanted to introduce a couple newer brands of tequila for your consideration. Both have been tested on this end, hangovers aside.

The Blue Nectar Tequila’s Special Craft ($54.99, top) blend is a new agave face that infuses citrus and essential oils for a sweeter flavor. Switching distillers, a more “green” operation puts out Sombra Mezcal ($39.99) — a smoky option created in an environmentally sustainable process. That allows you to be smug about saving the planet while licking salt off your fist.


Those long, tall bottles up above there are not the result of photo manipulation. They’re the signature containers of Tequila Corralejo. This tequila makers uses a rare second distillation in an Alembic copper pot still imported from Tomelloso, Spain. That additional step looks to make a smoother, richer agave spirit.