15 Best Kanye West Songs Ranked

7. Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi (808s and Heartbreak)

By far Kanye’s most mature track and definitely a surprise as it’s thematically the opposite of the baller, egoistical tracks and statements we were, and still, are used to. The haunting instrumental distress the seriousness of the track from the first second, and the contrasting verses really give power to this mellow, tuned down song. Kid Cudi is equally eerie in the chorus and combined with one of the most oddly satisfying, original music videos, Welcome to Heartbreak is a fully finished masterpiece in all aspects.

6. Stronger (Graduation)

Possibly the biggest Kanye West hit, and while a lot of that success is due to the Daft Punk’s renowned track which was heavily sampled, respect has to be given to Kanye’s ability to do something almost unimaginable. Basically, he tempered with a beloved classic and still managed to make it really good, and also his own, which almost only Alien Ant Farm pulled off as well with Smooth Criminal. Justifying its name and it’s legacy, Stronger is one of the most powerful, energizing rap tracks of the 21st century.

5. Love Lockdown (808s and Heartbreak)

With the biggest track of his popish album, Kanye threw a glove in the face of R’n’B singers who’ve been playing it safe for quite a while and gave the audience an track unlike any other. The booming, kidney stone dissolving deep basses intertwined with the deeply vulnerable, identifiable lyrics and the best usage of the dreaded autotune in music so far resulted in an undeniable proof of genius. The marriage of tribal drums and the classical elegant piano guarantees the timelessness of this pivotal Kanye track.

4. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Graduation)

Despite being pretty outrageous in hyping himself up in this track, this Kanye still had the charm for the world to let it slide by being real and hard on himself. The rising, tempting chorus of this very lowkey, the laidback track became legendary immediately, and the recurring smooth back vocals are now known as the signature Kanye features. One of many West’s tracks that go so fittingly with the music video, the symbolism amplifying the strength of the track.

3. Through the Wire (The College Dropout)

If you tried telling someone that Kanye West will be one of the world’s most hated celebrities after Through the Wire hit the streets you’ll be put into an asylum without a doubt. A man who was a beacon of inspiration on the music scene in 2004 despite the track dealing with a pretty individual situation? No way. The chorus was one of the first usages of Kanye trademark cartoonishly altered voices and with the minimalistic Caribean tbeat it’s one of the ultimate feel-good tracks of this century.

2. Flashing Lights ft. Dwele (Graduation)

The track upon which the myth of Kanye West was built. Yes, he was known before the Graduation’s fourth single hit the charts, but Flashing Lights was his first 50 points, triple-double game which made everyone realize this guy is going to be an all-star. The gradual rising electronic beat was and still is quite unique, not just for the genre. It’s also the track where Kanye has the best flow out of all his songs, really announcing the new age of hip hop. And at the time it seemed, his entry into the hall of fame of rap that is the top 10 list of rappers ever.

1. Homecoming ft. Chris Martin (Graduation)

Even though this storytelling track is very personal, and therefore not directly relatable, Kanye reaches it’s high point topically and instrumentally, proving his expertise as both a producer and a rapper. Coldplay’s singer Chris Martin features on the chorus, but the main star of this track is the piano instrumental, which Kanye really loves implementing in his tracks. The love ode to Chicago turns out to be familiar to everyone, regardless of their location, class, gender or whether they’ve left their first home.

Due to the quantity of his work, there is no chance we didn’t leave out some of your personal best Kanye West songs, so feel free to list them in the comments bellow.

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