The 10 Meanest Movie Reviews Of All Time

Photo: Relativity Media

Being a movie critic seems like a dream job, until you realize that you don’t just get to see movies you want to see. No, you have to sit through whatever crap your editor assigns you, and Hollywood makes a ton of pretty dreadful movies. If you’re a good critic, though, you use that awfulness to inspire you to hilarious levels of anger. Here we present the ten most hardcore, vicious movie reviews of all time. They’re more than worth the price of admission.

So if you don’t have thick skin, imagine not having thick skin and being a part of one of the ten movies below that were absolutely trashed by critics. Enjoy! The post, not these movies.

The 10 Meanest Movie Reviews Of All Time

So if you feel like a failure, try failing after investing millions of dollars into a project only to watch it fail. Or how about having these movies out there forever? I bet every single actor regrets doing these movies. Well, maybe except Rob Schneider because it’s pretty clear he would do six more sequels of Deuce Bigalow.

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