Super Jacked ‘Big Bad Santa’ Delivers Pound For Pound

While ‘Big Bad Santa’ only has 7,700 followers, he clearly wants the world on his shoulders like the real Santa Claus.

Check out super-jacked Santa. The bearded, muscle-man has a fun-loving and memorable Instagram account full of dead-lifts, hang cleans and squats, all of which will have you begging for more.

My gym is in the basement of a three story building and when the power goes out at 9 pm it gets a little creepy. I’ll be dammed if that keeps me from the last set. 650 didn’t feel right at first pull but after a reset it moved nicely. Competing on the 10th in Kennewick at the Winter Strength ProAm so it’s going to be quiet this week, time to rest and recover. #jackedsanta #polarexpress #deadlift

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So Big Bad Santa doesn’t live at the North Pole, but in the basement of a three-story building. We’re assuming in Washington state?

Because sometimes I do silly shit. Tonight is 70% of all five events from the contest next Saturday. Got them done in less than 2 hours and I’m feeling strong and ready for combat. Tis the season for ass kickins. As always my number 1 Swelf @strongmandrew with the camera. @teamfrek #jackedsanta #FReKfamily #FReKstrong @cerberus_strength_usa #superyoke For licensing and usage contact [email protected]

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And Big Bad Santa “sometimes does silly s**t.” Which, of course, means “Tis the season for ass kickins.” What’s not to love about this Santa?

Does this suit make me look fat? Lol did a local contest today and qualified for the USS nationals next June. Decided to be silly for the crowd, only needed 1 rep but did 3 for fun. Took some pics with some kids afterwards and that is what is all about. Ford ranger with 1000 lbs of kegs in the back was a little bit of work. It was a good day and a great show presented by the future of strongman in the northwest and fellow member of the polar express @strongmandrew Let’s not forget the shirts provided be @teamfrek and the trophies provided by @kamikaze.sports.nutrition #truckdeadlift #FReKstrong #FReKfamily #jackedsanta #teamfrek #polarexpress

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And while this Santa too may need some cardio, at least he’s honest about being self-conscious. “Does this suit make me look fat?”

Instead of milk and cookies, we’re leaving out Bud heavy and a cigar for this Santa. Don’t count on any of us sitting on his lap though.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.