The Hottest Women Of 2015

Ladies: we love them more and more with every year that goes by. 2015 was a pretty great time period for the fairer sex, with lovely lasses from all over the world making their mark. Narrowing them down to a mere ten was a nigh-impossible task, but with the help of some of the world’s most powerful computers and a battery of data the size of a dozen phone books, we pulled it off. Here are Mandatory’s picks for the hottest women of 2015.

The Hottest Weatherwoman of 2015: Yanet Garcia

Step aside, Al Roker. The world has spoken, and we overwhelmingly prefer hot girls delivering our forecasts. 2015 saw an unlikely weather hottie spring into the public consciousness from south of the border. Yanet Garcia is the on-air forecaster for Mexico’s Televisa Monterrey, and in June a video of her just doing her job went insanely viral, racking up millions of hits. For good reason! Garcia packs her perfect figure into skin-tight dresses while she points at clouds. After Americans discovered her, she gained nearly half a million Instagram followers in two weeks.

The Hottest Funny Girl of 2015: Ilana Glazer

Comedy Central has been on fire with original programming in the last few years — the days of dismal sketch shows seem to be over. One of their biggest breakthrough hits is Broad City, a filthy, hilarious look at New York that makes “Girls” look like “Gilmore Girls.” As a fictionalized version of herself, Ilana smokes flabbergasting amounts of weed, slacks off at her job and has ridiculous casual sex — sometimes over webcam. They say laughter is the world’s strongest aphrodisiac, and I’m inclined to believe them.

The Hottest Model of 2015: Jourdan Dunn

We’ve been admirers of British model Jourdan Dunn for some time, and 2015 was a spectacular year for the beauty. In addition to raising her son, Riley, as a single mother, she was voted the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. The reason we chose her as the hottest model of the year is because she dared to bite the hand of one of the most powerful forces in the hot girl universe, publicly criticizing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Jourdan had donned lingerie for the event in the past, but passed this year and had some harsh words for the company. We like a girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

The Hottest Female Athlete of 2015: Maria Kirilenko

What is it about tennis that draws hotties? On a percentage basis, the sport seems to have a fairly significant ratio of sexy girls. Sorting through all of them took some time, but for our money the most beautiful girl in the racket is Russian-born Maria Kirilenko. Starting her pro career as one of the youngest winners of the US Open junior tournament of all time, Kirilenko was tapped in 2006 to be the face of Adidas’s Stella McCartney tennis line. 2015 saw her have a baby, but the pregnancy doesn’t seem to have done her whip-tight body any real harm, and we’ll see how she plays when she’s back on the court.

The Hottest Instagram Girl of 2015: Tianna Gregory

What did we do in the dark ages before Instagram? It’s almost like we had to go searching for gorgeous women under rocks or something. Now, though, they use their cell phones to snap absurdly hot selfies and beam them right to us. Picking the single hottest girl on Instagram right now is a fool’s errand, and our choice would probably change every single day, so let’s just go with the bodacious Tianna Gregory. This Los Angeles model has appeared in Jason Derulo videos and shown off clothes for Adidas and The Hundreds, but it’s social media that made her the star she is today.

The Hottest Superheroine of 2015: Gal Gadot

Okay, sure, Gal Gadot doesn’t make her big-screen debut as Wonder Woman until next year, but the Israel-born actress is already making waves. Unlike other actresses, Gadot has seen action in real life, serving two years in the Israel Defense Forces. In 2004, she won the title of Miss Israel, and competed in the Miss Universe pageant. Her American acting career started with the role of Gisele 2009’s “Fast & Furious,” and she’s been appearing in the franchise’s outings since as well as modeling. Oh, and she loves to ride motorcycles for extra cool points.

The Hottest Worldchanger of 2015: Emma Watson

When you get famous, a lot of power comes with it. Most celebrities use that power to make their own lives better, but “Harry Potter” starlet Emma Watson spent the year working to improve the situations of women all over the globe. She started the year giving a speech about gender equality at the World Economic Forum’s annual winter summit, and carried her message through the entire year. If you’re old enough to remember the websites that counted the days until Hermione was legally beddable, you’re probably loving the spectacular woman that Watson has grown into.

The Hottest Female Wrestler of 2015: Sasha Banks

It was an interesting year for fans of female professional wrestling. Long the domain of lonely perverts spanking it to chicks rolling around on the canvas, the “Divas Revolution” brought a new group of athletic, charismatic women to the squared circle. Far and away the breakout star of the group is Sasha Banks, who struts to the ring in Kanye stunna shades with all the attitude of a wrestling legend like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Whether she’s kicking ass in the ring or cutting unforgettable promos on Instagram, Banks is straight-up money. Sure, she lost the NXT title, but we expect 2016 to be when she takes her place at the top of the mountain with the big pink belt.

The Hottest MILF of 2015: Blake Lively

The former Gossip Girl starlet got snagged by Ryan Reynolds in 2010 and the duo have settled into domestic bliss in upstate New York. Lively spent most of last year pregnant before giving birth to her daughter, James (yes, James is a girl’s name now — get over it) in December. 2015 was the year of the rebound, with Lively whipping her body back into pre-pregnancy shape and showing it off in November, when paparrazi caught her in a bikini while filming “The Shallows” in Australia. Sure, her lifestyle magazine might not have caught on, but the world doesn’t need another goop.

The Hottest Girl From Out of Nowhere of 2015: Cindy Kimberly

What’s the best way to become a sex symbol to millions of people? Have Justin Bieber get a crush on you. In December, Bieber shared a selfie of a mystery girl with the caption “OMG who is this?” His fan base went to work and eventually tracked the pic back to an Instagram account by the name of @WolfieCindy, belonging to a young woman named Cindy Kimberly. The full-lipped beauty bears some resemblance to Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez, so that might be why he was attracted to her, but the young Spanish lass is her own woman, and we expect big things from her in 2016.

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