Chelsea Handler and Her Bare Breasts Got a Weed Card for Her 40th Birthday

If Chelsea Handler was exposing her boobs on a regular basis before she was getting high, you have to think that the sky is the limit now.

According to the Daily Mail, Handler turned the big 4-0 yesterday, and she celebrated by getting herself a medical marijuana card.

We’re not sure which medical condition Handler was suffering from that warranted a weed card, but who cares? Chelsea Handler on weed sounds like something that will be good for everybody.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Chelsea Handler story these days unless the comedian was showing off her hooters, and thanks to fellow comedian Whitney Cummings and her Twitter account, that is again the case today.

Maybe it’s just us, but according to that pic, one would think that it was Cummings’ birthday yesterday instead of Handler’s.

Handler bares her jugs so often that it feels like every day is our birthday: Chelsea Handler Keeps Posting Photos of Her Boobs on Instagram