Chelsea Handler Talks About Getting Peed On by Jason Biggs

Most people wouldn’t start laughing if they were getting urinated on while attempting to make their way onto a boat. Then again, Chelsea Handler isn’t most people.

A video made its way around Vine last month that showed one of the funniest women in America receiving a golden shower courtesy of actor Jason Biggs. More specifically, it shows her getting a faceful of his piss:

Seriously, that might be Biggs’ best effort since the original “American Pie.”

Handler appeared on “Conan” this week, and because he’s Conan and she’s a celebrity who got peed on by a lesser celebrity, they discussed the incident:

Her reason for laughing instead of swimming away from Jason’s piss flow? You guessed it: “I thought it was so funny that someone would pee on somebody’s face that I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t swim away.”

Call us old-fashioned, but if any of us came up from the water and got a faceful of piss from an “American Pie” cast member other than Tara Reid, odds are that boat wouldn’t make it back to shore with them on it.

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