‘Barb’ Surprises Her ‘Stranger Things’ Co-Stars on ‘Chelsea’

It’s a sign of Stranger Things‘ popularity that NBC’s The Tonight Show recently ran a parody skit about the return of Barb, one of the minor characters from the series who struck a chord with the show’s fans. That particular video left out Shannon Purser, the actress who played Barb on the show. But she wasn’t left out this time!

During an appearance on Netflix’s Chelsea talk show, Stranger Things cast members Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, and Gaten Matarazzo were grilled about the “Justice for Barb” movement by host Chelsea Handler. Then Handler sprung a surprise on the kids: Purser was an unannounced guest for the show, and she brought a birthday cake!

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It’s an amusing video from the show, especially when the younger performers struggle to define what “justice” is. But they were clearly delighted to see Purser.

Now, there are some spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen Stranger Things. You’ve been warned!

One of the reasons that Barb resonated with viewers of the show is that she was a shy and nerdy girl who seemed all too ordinary, which made her ultimate fate on the series somewhat depressing. Barb was trapped in the alternate world known as the Upside-Down, and her absence led Nancy to become one of the show’s primary heroines. But in the season finale, it was clear that Barb had perished, and it wasn’t brought up again. That’s why the “Justice for Barb” movement got started.

Although the series creators, the Duffer brothers have indicated that Barb won’t be back for Stranger Things season 2, Purser was recently signed to co-star in The CW’s Riverdale as Midge, one of the long-time Archie Comics characters.

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Photo Credit: Netflix