Internet Freaks Out Over Orlando Bloom’s Alleged Nude Pics

Orlando Bloom apparently went au-naturale while on holiday with current flame Katy Perry in Sardinia recently, dropping his dacks for some free hanging paddle boarding. Because if you have a body like Bloom’s it must be a daily ordeal to hide it away under clothes.

As you can imagine the paparazzi were there to snap him in all his nude glory, with NY Daily News running the photos, but censoring them with big black bars.

However, this wasn’t enough to hide his impressive package from the sharp-eyed denizens of the internet who have noticed a very telling shadow on the inside of his leg.

Things got a bit hot and heavy in the comments (on that Tweet above especially) but it certainly wasn’t the last post to make some lascivious overtones toward the Pirates Of The Caribbean star.

This is all still conjecture though (scientists, you’re really dropping the ball on this one guys) so we cannot deny or confirm whether his loins are indeed bloomin’ huge or if this is just a very generous trick of light and perspective.