Roll Your Smokes Like a Big Shot with Custom Tobacco Cigars

One swift way to lend yourself an aura of maturity and sophistication is to light up a good cigar. One online service suggests a swift way to inject a big shot vibe into that light up moment is to pull out a cigar with your image or logo proudly printed on the band

Offering seven varieties of cigars for shipping, Custom Tobacco will print customized cigar bands with any design you can upload via their online design and ordering service. From company functions to family milestones to simple celebrations of the individual smoker’s ego, Custom Tobacco looks to ship you a box of very personal, individualized smokes.

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The process is simple. The shopper selects from seven cigar varieties ranging in body, flavor, and heaviness: 

House Blend (Designed for the budget smoker…), the Custom Tobacco House Blend, the Briarmont Classic Connecticut (Made from  Dominican tobacco ), the Briarmont Classic, Briarmont Classic Maduro, the Briarmont Classic Double, the Briarmont Limited (Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco…) and the Briarmont Reserve Habano (Described by the maker as “the best Cuban cigar not to be made in Cuba…”). The company also sells “flavored” cigars, which I supposed they must. But, as such products are an abomination to civilization, I choose to ignore them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.10.43 AM

Once the most important element is chosen, the buyer can either choose from a pre-selected collection of occasion-appropriate bands or upload his own image, logo, phrase, etc., via the site’s online tour. Custom Tobacco prints them, wraps them and sends them. You gift them and smoke them.

Following a simple test run featuring a unique, hand-designed logo and this news site’s own official emblem, the service passed with flying colors and delivered quality smokes with the correct imagery on time. Sadly, the evidence went up in smoke.

Photos by John Scott Lewinski