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Mandatory is your trendsetter and tastemaker — and we do it with intelligence (always), class (sometimes) and a side order of humor (usually). We feed the appetites of nearly 30+ million unique visitors every month with information from the voices that matter!

The foundation of Mandatory are some of the most respected sites on the web, including,,, and Each site dives deep into their respective affinities, allowing men to delve deeper into your favorite topics without having to leave the Crave family. This vast collection of sites intersects at, where you’ll find handpicked editorial and video content all geared to making you the guy with all the info at the office, at the bar or when you’re just hanging out with friends. We all know it’s huge to have those “I was first” bragging rights with your buddies…

Mandatory is about the next big thing. Since you’re here, you’re already way ahead of the curve. Dive in, explore, but be careful…it’s easy to lose a few hours — or more — around this place.

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