Cesaro Reveals When He Found Out He’d Team w/ Sheamus, Why He Wasn’t Interested At First, Working Through His Injury At No Mercy

Bill Pritchard

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Cesaro recently spoke with William Mullally of Al Arabiya English while promoting this week’s WWE tour of the Middle East; you can read a few highlights below:

Cesaro says he found out about teaming with Sheamus when the fans did: 

“The moment I found out I was teaming with Sheamus was the moment the fans did. It was when Mick Foley announced it on [Monday Night] Raw. I didn’t know much before that, and actually anything you saw on TV since then, and even before that with the best of seven series, was essentially art imitating life.

“Sheamus and I did have a rivalry, and then became a team, and we went from being work acquaintances to becoming best friends. That’s what makes this team so special and what makes the fans connect with us—that they were a part of this whole journey with me and Sheamus.”

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Cesaro says he needed to warm up to the idea of being in another tag team: 

“I was lucky enough to have many different tag partners. I was partners with Kassius Ohno as the Kings of Wrestling [in the indies], and in WWE I was with Jack Swagger. I thought we were the best tag team to never win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Next, of course, my partnership with Tyson Kidd, which was tragically cut short after six months. I wasn’t looking to be in another tag team, and I know neither was Sheamus. Now we’re having the time of our lives.”

Cesaro comments on his graphic facial injury that resulted in jamming his teeth up into his gums on the live WWE Network broadcast: 

“As soon as the blood started gushing, I was actually afraid they were going to stop the match. I was hoping they wouldn’t, because it’s a live WWE Network special and it’s for the WWE Tag Team Championships, and those mean a lot to Sheamus and myself. As you said, those teeth went up my jaw, and it hurt, but I also didn’t really know what I could do at that moment to make it better, so I thought, well, let’s continue, and win this match.”

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