Chris Jericho Comments On Season 2 Of ‘But I’m Chris Jericho’, What Inspired It, Why His Match w/ Kenny Omega Is So ‘Outside Of The Box’

Bill Pritchard

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Chris Jericho recently spoke with CBC News while promoting the new second season of his But I’m Chris Jericho! comedy series; you can read a few highlights below:

Chris Jericho comments on coming back for a second season nearly five years after the first run of But I’m Chris Jericho: 

“I got this call about a year ago that CBC was interested in doing a second season. I was super, like, blown away and excited, but also, what a surprise.

It was one of those things that I thought was never going to happen again, so when it did, it was a real blessing and a bonus.”

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Jericho comments on how the series is loosely inspired by his own efforts in the acting world: 

“[I] would go to these auditions, where there was you know, 15 guys who looked just like me and were saying one line for you know, National Lampoon’s Beer Fest. But I’m like, ‘But I’m Chris Jericho! I have a fan base! I have some notoriety! And this is what I’ve been reduced to?’

“‘Do you know who I am?’ is the worst thing you can say.”

Jericho comments on why his Wrestle Kingdom 12 match is outside of the box: 

“When you’re from Winnipeg, you follow the other Winnipeggers. I knew there was this guy named Kenny Omega that was killing it in New Japan: the top guy, having the greatest matches in the world.

So I love it. Here we are, two Winnipeggers headlining the Tokyo Dome … It’s like Mayweather versus McGregor in a match you’d never thought was going to happen, because it’s so outside the box.”

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