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WWE Survivor Series Result: AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar

Bill Pritchard
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WWE Champion AJ Styles vs Universal Champion Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

Lesnar kicks Styles in the gut. Styles falls into the corner. Lesnar drives his shoulder in Styles gut over and over again. Lesnar tosses Styles clear across the ring. Styles tries to fight back but Lesnar tosses him across the ring again. Styles lands a right hand but Lesnar shrugs it off and flattens Styles. Lesnar chokes Styles. Lesnar drags Styles into the corner by his hair. Lesnar knees Styles over and over again. Lesnar belly-to-belly suplexes Styles clear across the ring. Lesnar chokes Styles with his boot. Lesnar German suplexes Styles. Lesnar launches Styles out of the ring. Lesnar follows Styles to the outside. Lesnar tosses Styles into the announce table. Lesnar throws Styles into the ring. Lesnar German suplexes Styles again. Styles looks to be out. Lesnar hits a running knee in the corner. Styles falls to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Lesnar tells Styles to come on! Styles misses a few punches. Lesnar clotheslines Styles. Styles gets to his feet. Styles lands a few punches before Lesnar catches him with a high knee. Styles is back down. Lesnar sets up the F5. Styles escapes. Lesnar tries another corner knee. Styles moves out of the way and Lesnar bangs his knee on the top turnbuckle. Styles dropkicks Lesnar’s knee. Styles kicks at Lesnar over and over again.

Styles tries a moonsault but Lesnar catches him. Styles manages to wiggle off Lesnar’s shoulder. Styles tries a tornado DDT but Lesnar counters it into a facebuster. Both Styles and Lesnar are down. Styles hits a Pelé kicks to the back of Lesnar’s head. Styles sets up the Phoenominal Forearm. Lesnar moves and overhead German suplexes Styles. Styles lands on his face. Styles fights to get back on his feet. Lesnar eventually gets up as well. Lesnar goes for a punch but Styles dumps him over the top rope. Styles dives over the top and elbows Lesnar. Lesnar tries to pull himself up using the stairs. Styles pushes Lesnar knee first into the ring steps. Styles blast Lesnar with a forearm off the steps. Styles rolls Lesnar back into the ring. Lesnar punches Styles. Styles destroys Lesnar with an enziguri. Styles hits a moonsault off the middle rope. Styles hits a springboard 450. Lesnar kicks out. Styles tries to Styles Clash Lesnar. Lesnar reverses and lifts Styles up for the F5. Styles counters that into the Calf Crusher. Lesnar can’t get to the ropes. Lesnar grabs Styles head and slams it into the mat over and over again. Styles just got his brains scrambled. Lesnar stumbles to his feet. Lesnar picks up Styles for the F5 again. Styles hooks the ropes and elbows Lesnar in the head. Styles hit the Phoenominal Forearm! Lesnar kicks out! Styles tries another Phoenominal Forearm but Lesnar catches Styles on his shoulders. Lesnar finally hits the F5! Styles is done.

Winner- Brock Lesnar

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