WWE Survivor Series Result: The New Day vs The Shield

Bill Pritchard
WWE Survivor Series Result: The New Day vs The Shield

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The New Day vs The Shield 

On the way to the ring, Xavier Woods says tonight is the night the show that they are the most dominant force in WWE. Kingston adds that it took Raw three weeks to steal their idea. When Raw did it, they didn’t do it as well as Smackdown did. Dogs will be dogs but New Day is going to go Bob Barker on them. Big E. says that WrestleMania is coming up so it’s almost time for a member of the Shield to turn on the other ones. The Shield talk about brotherhood but there isn’t a brotherhood stronger than the New Day!

Kingston and Ambrose start the match. Go behind by Ambrose. Kingston reverses into a side headlock. Wristlock counter by Ambrose. Kingston flips out of it. Kingston gets in Ambrose’s face. Ambrose slaps the crap out of him. Kingston tags in Woods. Ambrose tags in Rollins. Armbar into a headlock by Woods. Rollins floors Woods with a clothesline. Woods tags in Big E. Rollins tags in Reigns. Reigns and Big E. circle each other. The crowd chants “you still suck” at Reigns. Reigns waist locks Big E. Big E reverses and floors Reigns with a shoulder block. Big E. mocks Reigns. Big Clothesline by Reigns. Big E. pops up and tells Reigns to suck on you know what. Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose clothesline Kingston and Big E. over the top. The Shield stomp out Woods in the corner. Short arm clothesline by Reigns. Rollins lands a standing fist drop to Woods. Ambrose and Rollins hit their clothesline/knee drop combo on Woods.

Woods manages to tag in Kingston, who clear the ring. Boom drop by Kingston on Ambrose. Kingston misses Trouble in Paradise. Kingston goes up top and dives off. Ambrose almost hit Dirty Deeds. Kingston forces Ambrose into their corner. Unicorn Stampede by New Day. Woods tries to send Kingston into Ambrose but Ambrose gets to his feet. Kingston ends up crotched on the ring post. Another Unicorn Stampede by New Day. Rollins pulls Woods off the apron. Reigns attacks Kingston. Rollins dives through the ropes onto Woods. Ambrose gets on the apron. Big E. spears Ambrose off the apron through the ropes. Big E. rips the Raw shirt off of Ambrose. The New Day cut the ring in half and beat down Ambrose.

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Woods tries to superplex Ambrose. Ambrose pushes Woods off the top. Big E. tries to suplex Ambrose. Ambrose pushes him off the top as well. Missile dropkick by Ambrose. Ambrose tags in Rollins. Springboard knee by Rollins. Blockbuster followed by the sling blade by Rollins. Kingston kicks out. Kingston tags in Woods. Woods gets buckle bombed by Rollins. Reigns tags himself in and levels Woods with a clothesline. Reigns calls for the Superman punch. Woods counters into a pin. Woods slides through Reigns legs but ends up eating a Superman punch anyway. Reigns tries to Spear Woods. Woods kicks Reigns in the face. Ambrose tags himself in. Big E. belly-to-belly Reigns. Big E. tries to set u the Midnight Hour. Rollins superkicks Big E. to break it up. Rollins hits the ripcord knee as Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds. Woods breaks up the pin. Wood gets superkicks by Rollins.

Ambrose and Reigns beat down Kingston and Big E. on the outside of the ring. The Shield set up the Cerberus Bomb but Big E. pulls Reigns out of the ring. Woods hits a shining wizard on Ambrose.Kingston and Woods beat down Reigns and Rollins outside the ring. New Day triple kick Ambrose in the corner. Woods picks up Big E. on his shoulders. Kingston splashes Ambrose, then Woods drops Big E. on Ambrose. Big E. picks up Rollins and Ambrose. Woods and Kingston dive off the top and hit a double Midnight Hour. Before the three count, Reigns Spears Big E. into Woods to break up the pin. Both teams slowly get to their feet. New Day and the Shield jump on each other. Rollins hits the the ripcord knee on the outside. Ambrose Dirty Deeds Big E. on the floor. Reigns Spears Kingston. Reigns sits on the top rope. The Shield hits a triple powerbomb off the top rope! It’s over.

Winners- The Shield

RAW is up 1-0

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