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WWE Hell In A Cell Result: Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

Bill Pritchard


Hell in a Cell Match: Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

As Owens tries to get into the ring Shane hits a baseball slide. Shane beats Owens down on the barricade. Owens manages to send Owens into the cell. Shane climbs the barricade and hits a diving clothesline. Shane floors Owens with a Copo kick. Owens crawls into the cell and closes the door. Shane kicks the door into Owen’s face. The referee closes the door behind Shane. Shane gets on the apron but Owens kicks him into the cell. Owens stomps on Shane before grinding Shane’s face into the cell in front of Shane’s children. Owens yells at them to look at their daddy now. Owens does the Shane strut as Shane writhes in pain on the floor. Owen sends Shane into the ring steps. Shane kicks Owens in the gut. Owens rolls into the ring. Shane follows but Owens stomps on him as soon as he gets into the ring. Short arm clothesline followed by a senton for a near fall by Owens. Cannonball in the corner by Owens. Shane kicks out.

Owens goes up top for a Swanton. Shane gets his knees up. Both Shane and Owens are down. Shane is clutching at his right knee. Shane backs Owens into the corner with rights and lefts. Flying back elbow by Shane. Owens catches Shane with a back elbow. Owens rushes at Shane but Shane hits laying the Smackdown. Shane tries a shooting star press but Owens moves out of the way. Bullfrog splash by Owens. Shane kicks out. Owens sends Shane into the ropes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Shane locks in a triangle! Owens gets out of the ring to escape the hold. Shane locks in the triangle again. Owens picks up Shane and powerbombs him on the ring steps. Shane kicks out at 2.5. Owens asks Shane why he is making him do this. Owens stomps Shane on the floor.

Owens pulls a table from under the ring. Owens sets the table up against the cell. Owens tries a cannonball off the apron but Shane moves out of the way! Owens obliterates the table as he crashes through it. Shane drapes his arm on Owens. Owens kicks out. Shane picks up a broken piece of table and hits Owens with it. Shane pulls a trash can from under the ring. Shane sets Owens up in the corner for the Van Terminator with the trash can. Shane hits but Owens somehow manages to get his foot on the rope during the pin. Shane glares up at the roof of the cage. Shane instructs the referee to open the door. Neither referee will do it. Shane pulls bolt cutters from under the ring. Shane (eventually) cuts the lock and opens the door. Shane gets back in the ring and hits Owens with the trash can a few more times. Owens rolls out of the ring and crawls out of the cell. Shane follows. Low blow by Owens. Owens DDTs Shane on the ramp.

Owens picks up Shane and throws him crotch first into the cell door. Owens grates Shane’s face on the cell. Owens drops a TV monitor on Shane. Headbutt by Owens. Owens puts Shane on the announce table. Owens climbs the barricade and is about to splash Shane. Owens looks up at the top of the cage. Owens decides to climb the cell. Owens leers down at Shane. Shane isn’t moving. Owens is about to dive but he can’t bring himself to do it. Owens is talking to himself on top of the cell. Shane gets up and starts to climb the cell. Before Shane can get to the top, Owens cuts him off. Shane fights his way to the top. Shane and Owens lay into each other with rights and lefts. Owens misses a clothesline which allows Shane to hit a Russian leg sweep on the top of the cell. Shane body slams Owens on the cell. Shane suplexes Owens on the cell. Owens superkicks Shane then hits a running senton on the cell. Owens tries to powerbomb Shane through the cell but Shane reverses it into a back body drop.

Owens Pop-Up Powerbombs Shane on the top of the cell. Owens tries to throw Shane off the top off the cell but Shane puts on the breaks. Owens starts to climb down the cell. Shane follows him. Shane kicks Owens in the gut. Shane grabs Owens’ head and slams it into the cage again, and again. Owens’ falls off the side of the cage through the announce table. The EMTs are checking on Owens. Shane is about to pin Owens. Shane thinks about it and eventually picks up Owens and puts him on the other announce table. Shane headbutts Owens. Shane climbs the cell. Shane dives off the top of the cell but someone pulls Owens out of the way! It’s Sami Zayn! Zayn just helped… Owens? The EMTs are trying to put Shane on a backboard. Zayn picks up Owens and puts him on top of Shane. Owens wins. Wow.

Winner- Kevin Owens

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