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WWE Hell In A Cell Result: United States Championship – AJ Styles (c) vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

Bill Pritchard
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

United States Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

Styles and Dillinger gang up on Corbin. Before they can get their hands on him, Corbin rolls out of the ring. Styles and Dillinger surround Corbin on the outside. Corbin runs into the ring. Styles and Dillinger follow him and beat the crap out fo him. Styles and Dillinger clothesline Corbin over the top rope. Dillinger rolls up Styles for a near fall. Styles and Dillinger trade pin attempts. Styles drops Dillinger with his patented dropkick. Corbin pulls Styles out of the ring. Dillinger tries the ten punches in the corner. Corbin crotches Dillinger on the top rope. Styles attacks Corbin from behind. Corbin catches Styles with a clothesline. Corbin hits the rope and Styles tries a dropkick. Corbin hooks the ropes to avoid it. Corbin tosses Styles clear across the ring. Dillinger leaps over Corbin and monkey flips Styles. Styles lands on his feet. Corbin clotheslines Dillinger than sends Styles into Dillinger. Corbin dumps Styles back first into the ring post.

Styles gets on the apron. Corbin sends Styles flying into the announce table. Corbin runs over Dillinger. Corbin rolls to the outside and tries to toss Styles into the crowd. Styles blocks it. Corbin launches Styles into the barricade. Corbin gets back in the ring. Dillinger mounts some offense but Corbin sends him face first into the amt after a stiff right hand. Styles attempts a springboard but Corbin decks him in mid-air. Styles is out on the mat. Corbin turns his attention to Dillinger. Corbin pounds on Dillinger in the corner. Two count for Corbin. Styles and Corbin trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Spinning back fist followed by a stiff clothesline by Styles.

Dillinger tosses Styles high in the air for a back body drop. Dillinger tries a superplex. Styles counters and slams Dillinger’s head into the turnbuckle. Dillinger surprised Styles with a rolling knee for a near fall. Dillinger sets up the Tye Breaker. Styles counters into the Styles Clash. Dillinger rolls through to escape it. Styles slaps on the Calf Crusher. Dillinger can’t get to the ropes. Corbin grabs Dillinger’s hand and pulls him out of the ring.  Styles launches himself over the top rope into an elbow on Corbin. Styles picks up Corbin. Corbin sends Styles into the ring post. Corbin gets int he ring and walks right into a small package by Dillinger. Corbin kicks out. Dillinger tires a few more pin attempts before eating the Deep Six from Corbin. Styles tries to land the Phoenominal Forearm but Corbin grabs him by the throat. Corbin takes Styles off the top rope into a chokeslam backbreaker.

After a strike exchange Dillinger superkicks Corbin. Styles hits the Pelé on Dillinger and Dillinger falls on top of Corbin! Corbin kicks out. Corbin tries a running shoulder block in the corner but Styles moves. Styles lands the springboard 450 on Corbin. Dillinger breaks up the pin. Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Dillinger. Corbin runs in the ring, botches kicking Styles out of the ring, then pins Dillinger.

Winner and NEW United States Champion, Baron Corbin
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