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WWE Hell In A Cell Results: Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The New Day (c) vs The Usos

Bill Pritchard


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match: The New Day (c) vs The Usos

The New Day will be represented by Xavier Woods and Big E. The New Day and The Usos face off in the middle of the ring. Everyone drops to the outside to pull weapons out from under the ring. Jey throws a chair at Woods but Woods ducks. Woods tackles Jey. Big E. runs over Jimmy. Woods blasts Jimmy in the face with a roaring elbow. Woods wraps a chain around his fist. Big E. wheelbarrow slams Woods into a fist drop on Jey. Big E. calls for a spear through the ropes. Jimmy moves out of the way. Big E. hits the mat hard. Jimmy dives over the top onto Woods. Big E. spears Jey through the ropes into the cage! Woods breaks Franchesca 2 Turbo Edtion over Jimmy’s head. Big E. pulls another trombone from under the ring. Woods hits Jey with it. Woods asks Big E. what else he has? Big E. hands Woods a cowbell. You know… because there is always room for more cowbell. Big E. Digs under the ring and pulls out a symbol. Woods hits Jimmy with it. The New Day set up the Midnight Hour. Before Woods can dive off the top Jimmy launches a chair and hits Woods square in the face. Jimmy superkicks Big E. Big E. kicks out!

The Usos take turns breaking kendo sticks over Big E.’s back. The Usos beat down Woods on the outside of the ring. Jimmy pins Woods head up against the cage with a kendo stick. Jey hip attacks Woods against the cage. That was… wow. Big E. surprises Jey with a belly-to-belly. Big E. and Jimmy end up fighting on the apron. Big E. sends Jimmy into the ring post. Jimmy responds with a superkick. Jimmy charges at Big E. but Big E. picks Jimmy up and tosses him off the apron with a uranage. Woods appears out of nowhere and hits a back cracker in mid-air. The New Day hit the UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN. Jeyt breaks up the pin. Big E. clotheslines Jey over the top rope. Woods rolls to the outside and pulls what looks to be 157 kendo sticks from under the ring. Big E. holds Jey as Woods blast him with kendo sticks. The New Day pin Jey up against the cage by wedging the kendo sticks in the cage holes. That was pretty creative use of kendo sticks!

Big E. Pins Jimmy’s head up against the ring steps. Woods goes up top, presumably to kill Jimmy. Jey gets free and pulls Jimmy away. Woods jumps down to the apron. Jey tries to sweep Woods buy Woods does a cartwheel off the apron. Woods turns around and gets superkicked. Jimmy enziguris Big E. off the apron. Jey catches Big E. on his shoulders. Jimmy spears Big E. into the cage! Everyone is down!  Each Uso hits a splash off the top. Big E. somehow kicks out! The Usos handcuff Big E. to the bottom rope. Jey handcuffs Woods on the outside. The Usos hang Woods from the ring post. Jey grabs a kendo stick and beats Woods with it like he stole something.

Woods kicks Jey in the face. Jimmy picks up a kendo stick. Jey and Jimmy destroy Woods with the kendo sticks. Jey drops Woods from the ring post. Big E. back body drops Jimmy over the top rope. Big E. picks up Jey and drives him into the cage. Big E. picks up Jey again and drives him into Jimmy and the cage. Big E. hits the BigEndingg. Jey kicks out. Big E. puts Jey in the stretch muffler. Jimmy superkicks Big E. The Usos hit dual splashes on Big E. A handcuffed Woods breaks up the pin. The Usos take turns beating Woods with the kendo stick. Woods fires up and headbutts both Jimmy and Jey. Jimmy and Jey take control after a few more kendo stick shots. Jimmy lays a chair on top of Woods. The Usos hit the double Use for the win!

Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

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