Sean Waltman & Court Bauer Discuss Bullet Club’s Invasion, WWE’s Cease & Desist; What To Do w/ Baron Corbin?

WrestleZone presented the latest episode of our signature daily pro wrestling news podcast, WZ Daily, this past Friday.

Former WWE/WCW Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and MLW’s Court Bauer joined host Nick Hausman as his co-hosts.

You can find some of Sean, Court and Nick’s comments transcribed below.

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On Bullet Club’s “invasion” of RAW this past Monday and the subsequent cease and desist WWE fired off against The Young Bucks:

SW: I’m not surprised by this and I still think it was worth it. I’ll probably get heat for saying that. The truth is those guys are way more than a hand gesture that they co-opted from someone else. They are just as fine without those things.

CB: The payoff was the money shot from a drone, or someone got high up, where you see Cody and Bullet Club, the ELITE, with like 50-60 people behind them and they are all marching towards the building. That was the big payoff.

On Baron Corbin as the #1 contender to AJ Styles‘ United States Championship:

SW: I think he has a lot of upside but they just tried to go with him a little too soon, maybe. I’m a fan of his.

CB: I think he needs to be repackaged. I think he looks a little vanilla. His face and the way he registers things doesn’t really do much for me. Would face paint help? Would a new persona help? I don’t know. Would a manager help? Definitely. Somebody to get you invested in his matches, yes, that could possibly help. Just Baron Corbin as Baron Corbin, what is that? We used to do this thing at WWE, it was an exercise, where if you can’t describe a guy’s persona in one sentence then something is not working here. I’m like, “What is that?”

NH: He’s a werewolf! That’s his thing. He should be an actual werewolf.

CB: Teen Wolf. Anything.

NH: People love werewolves.

SW: That’s a great idea.

NH: They open a door accidentally and he’s covered in hair. You’ve got these little teases and you start to wonder, “Is that guy a werewolf?” Then one day you find him in the back and he’s covered in blood and he’s ripped the throat out of Ellsworth.

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Friday’s episode of WZ Daily was hosted by WZ’s Executive Editor Nick Hausman and featured former WWE/WCW Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and MLW’s Court Bauer as his co-hosts.

The pro wrestling news topics that Nick, Sean and Court discuss include:

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