Jim Cornette Clarifies His Status and Future with Global Force Wrestling

Photo Credit: Flickr.com

As noted, Jim Cornette made his return to GFW during last night’s Destination X special, and is present at tonight’s Impact tapings, which will air on August 24th and the 31st.

We also reported earlier today, via Les Thatcher on Wrestling Weekly, that Cornette has not signed a contract with GFW, so his longterm status with the company is unknown.

Cornette clarified his status with GFW on his podcast today, and confirmed he has no deal with the company despite his return last night. Cornette added he is not a member of the GFW roster, and that he had been contacted directly by Anthem to work for them. Cornette noted he has yet to sign anything with the exception of clearances for his likeness to be used on TV.

Cornette clarified his future by saying he has no interest in working full-time for any company right now, and he will appear with a company when he feels like there is a reason to.