WWE Money in the Bank Results: Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

Mike Killam
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WWE Money in the Bank Results
WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton

Orton clubs Mahal in the back. Orton forces Mahal into the corner. Mahal fights out but Orton almost hits an RKO. Mahal rolls out of the ring to collect himself. Mahal gets in the ring and walks right into a Thez press. Orton suplexes Mahal then stomps him out. Orton clotheslines Mahal over the top rope. Orton meets Mahal outside and clotheslines him again.

Orton slams Mahal face first into the ring steps. Orton rolls  Mahal back into the ring. Orton almost hits the elevated DDT, but Mahal suplexes him to the outside. Mahal beats down Orton on the outside. Mahal chokes and beats down Orton in the corner. Mahal stomps Orton. Orton rolls to the outside. Mahal follows. Orton picks up Mahal and drops him on the barricade in front of the WWE Legends. Orton pulls Mahal over to the commentary desk. Mahal counts Orton and knee busters Orton on the commentary desk. Mahal is working over Orton’s injured knee. Mahal rolls Orton back into the ring and locks int a knee bar. Mahal hits the ropes but Orton picks him up and fall away slams him. Mahal rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Orton eats a kick to the face. Mahal locks in a modified Indian death lock. Orton struggles to get out of the hold. For some reason, Mahal releases the hold and crushes Orton with a jumping knee.

Mahal puts Orton in a figure four leg lock. Orton struggles to get to the ropes. Orton rolls over and reverses the pressure. Mahal gets to the ropes. Mahal tries to superplex Orton but Orton fights out of it. Orton superplexes Mahal for a near fall. Mahal and Orton trade shots in the ring. Orton catches Mahal in a power slam. Mahal rolls out to the apron. Orton hits the Elevated DDT. Orton hits the RKO. The Singh Brothers put Mahal’s foot on the ropes to break up the pin. The referee throws the Singh Brothers out of the arena. Before leaving, the Singh Brothers get in the legend’s faces. They grab Bob Orton by his shirt. Orton runs to the outside and beats the hell out of the Singh Brothers. Orton back body drops one on the barricade, then the other on the commentary desk. Orton grabs the other Singh Brother and lays him on the desk. The other Singh Brother tries to save his brother but Orton hits him with an RKO. Orton RKOs the other Singh brother through a table. Orton gets in the ring and Mahal kicks Orton in the knee and hits his finish for the win!

Winners and STILL WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal!

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