WWE Extreme Rules Results: Fatal 5-Way To Determine #1 Contender For WWE Universal Title

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WWE Extreme Rules Results: Fatal 5-Way

Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor go after each other on the outside and Rollins and Samoa Joe do the same, leaving the Big Dog standing alone in the ring – perhaps shades of things to come in this match. Wyatt rolls back into the ring and takes a Samoan Drop from Reigns, followed by Joe who suffers the same fate. Finn Balor hits the ring and throws lefts and rights at Reigns, leaping to the apron, but gets caught with a huge right hook that lays him out. The former SHIELD members come face to face and the crowd comes alive, but it’s just a tease as the others return to rejoin the action. Joe and Wyatt double team Roman and the Kingslayer has a crisis of conscious, trying to decide what to do, as a loud “Let’s Go Roman, Roman Sucks” chant breaks out around the Baltimore arena.

Balor returns and puts the boots to Samoa Joe, then gets a running start and connects with a big tope con hilo to the floor, taking down everyone. The former Universal Champion poses and tries to get the crowd behind him, but turns around into another right hand from the Big Dog. He sets up for the Drive By, but Samoa Joe flies out of nowhere to tackle him to the floor just in time. There seems to be a short-term alliance between Joe and Wyatt, who team up to beat down Roman and throw him hard into the steel steps, which nearly explode on impact. They turn their attention to Rollins, blasting him with the steps, then do the same thing to Finn Balor. The alliance continues, rotating around the ring to slowly pick apart all three opponents. Rolling back into the ring, they put the boots to Balor and start slapping him around, toying with the Demon King, who tries to fire up but can’t fend them both off at the same time. Rollins tries to make the save, followed by Roman, but it’s no use.

Bray Wyatt is the first to bring a weapon into the match, grabbing a steel chair and destroying Roman Reigns with it. He thinks about blasting Joe, but thinks better of it and turns his sights on Balor instead. The chair gets set up in the corner and after some confusion between the allies, Balor manages to throw Joe head-first into the foreign object. Wyatt hits him with a big shoulder tackle but runs into the Drive By by Roman Reigns out of nowhere. The big man is fired up, planting Balor with a powerbomb, and deadlifts him into a second, then delivers a series of right hands to Wyatt in the corner. Joe tries to splash him, but Roman side-steps and sends him into Bray, then lays him out as well. Reigns goes to the floor brawling with Joe and Wyatt who are still attempting to work together. The Eater of Worlds hits him with a sick STO on the edge of the American commentary table.

Seth Rollins makes his return to the match, going crazy on Bray Wyatt. They brawl all around the ring and Rollins looks for a suicide dive, but Bray throws Joe in front of him to take the brunt of the attack. Rollins gets back up but turns around into a clothesline from Bray. They fight back into the ring and the Architect pulls out a Falcon Arrow out of nowhere, and almost gets a three-count! Rollins has had enough and looks to put the match away, but comes off the springboard and gets caught with the Sister Abigail out of the air! 1….2….Samoa Joe breaks it up! The two big men now realize the alliance is off, and start swinging for the fences on each other. Joe hits a splash in the corner followed by the pele kick, but Wyatt launches to clip out the legs of the Samoan Submission Machine. Everyone is down. This match is incredible…

Joe is the first man back to his feet. He looks to lock in the rear naked choke on his former ally, but Finn Balor returns with a steel chair and starts picking apart both of them. Balor plants everyone with chair shots, takes down Joe and Wyatt with running dropkicks, then goes to the floor to take the others down with dropkicks as well. He picks up Bray and slams his head into the commentary table over and over again, then starts to take apart the Spanish table to a loud pop from the crowd. The Demon King is on a rampage! Joe tries to put Finn down with a rear naked choke on the floor, but Roman Reigns comes out of nowhere with a massive spear that takes them all crashing through the barricade! Rollins realizes he has an opportunity, climbs the turnbuckle, and delivers a frog splash off the top rope through Bray Wyatt and the Spanish announce table!

Everyone is utterly destroyed. Rollins took extreme damage to his injured knee on that dive, and Reigns is showing the carnage of breaking the barricade. The two former partners slowly make their way to the ring and come face to face, as a loud “Let’s Go Rollins, Roman Sucks” chant breaks out. They press foreheads and we’re off, both guys rapidly firing off with crazy rights and lefts. Reigns hits a big haymaker, but Rollins comes back with a kick. Roman tries for a spear but the Kingslayer floats over him, then turns around into a massive Superman Punch! Rollins fights his way back into it and rolls up the Big Dog almost stealing the match, then lays him out with a superkick. He climbs the ropes and connects with a big frog spash! 1….2….Reigns just barely gets his shoulder up.

Seth Rollins has tried everything, and looks to finish it off with the Phoenix Splash, but Reigns rolls out of the way. Bray Wyatt comes back and tries for Sister Abigail but he’s caught with a spear from the Big Dog! Rollins hits Reigns with a running Buckle Bomb, but Roman immediately comes back with the Superman Punch to lay him out! It comes down to Balor, who also takes a Superman Punch. Reigns lines up for the spear, but Balor plants him with the Slingblade! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP CONNECTS! 1….2….Joe saves the match! Joe puts him in the rear naked choke! Balor is fading…. AND IT’S OVER!


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