WWE SmackDown Results (1/3): Miz vs Ambrose For The IC Title, Ziggler Snaps!!!!, Cena/Styles Royal Rumble Contract Signing

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WWE SmackDown Results
January 3rd, 2017
Report by Josh Lopez for WrestleZone.com 

The Miz & Dean Ambrose In-Ring Promo: 

You’re looking at the IT couple. The ratings spike. The most must see WWE superstar of all-time, married to the hottest woman on this planet and the holder of the most prestigious title in all of the WWE. Miz only has one new years resolution and that’s to be more forgiving. It just so happens that there’s someone who owes Miz an apology and she knows who exactly she is. Miz wants Renee Young to come down to the ring. Miz says that SmackDown Live will not continue until he gets his apology. It’s not on him, that’s on Renee Young. Just like it was on Renee when she slapped Miz in the face two weeks ago, or last week when her boyfriend attacked him from behind.

Renee allowed personal feelings get in the way of professional obligations. Now all of a sudden, Dean Ambrose has a Intercontinental Championship match tonight. Must be nice being on the good side of the general manager and the co-host of Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan. The Jacksonville crowd wants Dean Ambrose, but Miz wants an apology. How can Renee Young sleep at night knowing that she sacrifice her journalistic integrity for dirty deeds with Dean Ambrose? Welp, Dean Ambrose comes out to interrupt Miz. Ambrose walks into the ring and Maryse steps in front of him. Maryse slaps Ambrose in the face. Miz and Maryse walks to the back. Ambrose says that the hard part of his night is over because Maryse hits way harder than Miz does.

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