Justin LaBar on Tommy Dreamer’s Genius, Who Should Join Team ECW Next?, Should Kevin Owens Join The League of Nations?, more

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WZD LabarEarlier today Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar was the featured guest on the WrestleZone Daily

Justin is the regular WrestleZone Daily guest and this week he chats candidly about how he was almost a part of GLCW’s Blizzard Brawl, why Tommy Dreamer is the smartest guy in the room, his expectations for The Wyatt Family versus ECW, all the stables currently in the WWE, Kevin Owens as a member of The League of Nations, more

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You can find some of transcribed quotes and the full audio from Justin’s appearance below. Justin’s appearance begins at the 28:44 minute mark in the embedded audio player:

On Tommy Dreamer expanding House of Hardcore to run shows nationally:

JL: There’s no negative about it. It’s all positive. I encourage people to check out the excerpt that is available on WrestleZone from the full column I have out every Monday and Friday with the Pittsburgh Tribune. The whole column today was about Dreamer. The fact this guy is making pro wrestling history. I touch on House of Hardcore in there. The crazy thing is this guy, Dreamer, has done a great job. He hasn’t gotten too greedy. From the beginning the shows have been a success. If you’ve ever been to one you know why. He’s had a lot of things. A lot of offers come to him. Stuff he can share if he wants to share. In terms of distribution sales and this and that. He hasn’t jumped at them. This has been successful but he hasn’t said, “Well I am going to do fifteen shows this year.” He’s kept to the plan. He’s never gotten greedy and he’s let it kind of grow at a nice and natural organic pace. Knowing he also has four other irons in the fire. It’s just great… Tommy Dreamer… I’ve had more time around him this year than any other year. In terms of he was our IWC World Heavyweight Champion here in Pittsburgh. I spent a lot of time in the car with him. I spent a lot of time getting hit by him. A lot of time eating Subway sandwiches, his favorite. I really kinda picked his brain. Kind of learned how he operates. Just as it says in the very lead in my column, “Bada bing bada boom. Smartest guy in the room.” He is the smartest guy in the room. Who else simultaneously can have a key to TNA and WWE’s office? To his own company. To NXT. In a world of egos that is pro wrestling that’s such a hard thing to do and he’s making history. He’s not only making history but he’s doing it with great success. He’s not just showing up on every show as some kind of shmuck. He shows up on is involved in every show as pivotal in the role in which he’s cast. 

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On who could be the fourth man to join The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer to take on The Wyatt Family:

JL: I’ll be honest with you. The very first one I thought of after Dreamer showed up in Pittsburgh last week and I figured, “Well, they’re going to have a fourth,” was RVD. Obviously, Rhyno because he’s been with NXT and he’s a big body and everything. Rhyno certainly makes sense. Spike Dudley is someone everybody loves. I do have concerns, they’re in North Carolina, I don’t know. I do have a little bit of concern about how much impact Spike Dudley will have. There are the people that will love it but I am wondering if the twelve year old who is there with his Mom… Spike Dudley hasn’t been in the WWE in however many years. I don’t know. 

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On Kevin Owens potentially joining The League of Nations as a representative of Canada:

JL: Stupid. Two reasons. One, Sheamus prides himself on being very Irish. Barrett is British. Rusev is from Bulgaria. Del Rio is from Mexico. Kevin Owens being Canadian has no big part of his character. It doesn’t matter if Kevin Owens is from Montreal or if Kevin Owens is from Florida. He’s Kevin Owens. Another thing is Kevin Owens is one of the last guys on the roster that would be affiliated with anybody. He is the guy to walk out on teams. He’s not the guy that needs to be with other guys. He’s the prize fighter that is on his own. Him joining the League of Nations? I know there is a lot of rumors after he had to leave last week due to sickness. There was a lot of rumors that maybe he would have been involved in that. That just seems ridiculous to me. I can say this with Owens. I broke the whole deal with Owens being sick here in Pittsburgh because he left later. He was waiting to get a flight out. I can say this. Through the source that I had that got me the information about Kevin. Him being here in Pittsburgh and how the day transpired with me. I can tell you this. Kevin hinted that he was upset because he couldn’t be on the show because Pittsburgh has a very close place in his heart. He said that in an interview with me six months ago when they were in Pittsburgh last time. Pittsburgh was one of the last places that he was at with ROH here during Rumble week. He was really on the cusp of getting signed but didn’t know that it was going to happen. He said last week that he was sad that he didn’t get to perform on TV in front of the Pittsburgh fans. He knows that a lot of them are upset and maybe mad at WWE creative. Thinking that they left him off the show purposefully. He went on to say that it was going to be a good show. That there was something planned for him. Obviously that does not mean he was going to be in The League of Nations but it could be, to some degree, what you guys were saying right now. It could have been where they are trying to recruit him and he’s, you know, being Kevin Owens. Whatever the case may be last week. There were supposedly some definite plans of importance to use him. We will see if that happens tonight. That’s something I never threw in there last week but it seemed relevant to tell you now. 

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Justin will be back next Monday, and every Monday, on the WrestleZone Daily at 12:30 pm EST right here on WrestleZone.com

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