WWE Main Event Results (10/14) – Sheamus On Miz TV, Cesaro vs Gabriel, Rusev vs Big E

Bill Pritchard

WWE Main Event Results

WWE Main Event Results
October 14th 2014
Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Miz TV kicks things off and Miz brags about beating Sheamus twice, then he invites Sheamus out to the set but Damien Sheamus-dow comes out instead. Sandow, looking quite ridiculous in a white bodysuit and red wig, tries his best Irish accent and says Miz owns him in the ring. He says Miz is better looking and talented, then he sings “his” own theme song with added lyrics about the lobster head meme and Miz being better than him. They pose together before Sheamus makes his way out, and he says this is funny, but Miz thinking he deserves the United States title for doing nothing is gold. Sandow mimes with him and Miz says he beat him twice, so that’s not nothing, and he is a star so his talent speaks for itself. Sheamus gets annoyed with Sandow mocking him and he says it’s great, but he could be funny too, only it’s a different kind of humor. He turns and clotheslines Sandow and tells Miz it’s slapstick comedy, then he says it’s just like Miz to let Sandow take the fall again. Sheamus says he wants to show Miz his next act, then he Brogue Kicks Sandow and taunts Miz as he leaves.  

BP: This started a little corny, but Sheamus calling Miz out for ditching Sandow made a good point. This could be a good feud, and Sandow is, like Sheamus said, just gold. 

Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) vs R-Truth 

Kidd says it’s a fact that he’s married to Nattie, but he wears the pants and he’s going to prove he’s more than just her husband. The bell rings and Truth hits a shoulder block, then he dances near Nattie and Kidd yells at her to go away. Truth goes for a whip but Kidd kicks him, then he stomps Truth in the corner and chokes him in a tree of woe position. Kidd goes and yells at Nattie before hitting Truth, then he slingshots him headfirst into the bottom turnbuckle and applies a headlock. Truth catches him with an elbow in the corner, then Kidd knocks him back and tries to get Nattie to help, but she ignores him and Truth connects with a diving STO for the win. 

Winner – R-Truth 

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