WWE Live Event Results (7/6): Toronto, Ontario; Cena vs Wyatt in a Street Fight, Superstar Announces In-Ring Retirement, Will He Remain with WWE?

Nick Paglino

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WWE Live Event Results
Toronto, Ontario

Very solid house at Ricoh today…80-85% full with A LOT of kids in attendance

Show opened with The Uso's defending the Tag Titles against Harper & Rowan. Pretty standard back & forth match with the Wyatt's working over Jey until he made the hot tag. Similar to many of the matches they've had before, but a very solid opener. Uso's picked up the win after Jimmy hit Harper with the suicide dive & Jey then delivered the splash to Rowan for the 3-count. Good opener that the crowd was really into.

Fandango w/Layla vs R-Truth was next. Fandango's entrance seem to go on forever. An ok match from both guys, nothing really of note. I'd say your usual house show match. Truth won with the Lie Detector. After the match, Fandango claimed he wasn't ready & demanded "anyone" from the back for another match, which led to…

Fandango vs Great Khali. Khali answered the challenge, Fandango trashed talked him, bell rang, chop, Khali wins.

Rusev was out next with Lana. Crowd hated Rusev…but the gentlemen in the crowd LOVED Lana! She cut a promo saying Canada was inferior to Russia & the usual Putin stuff. Loud "Canada" chant which had Lana yelling shut-up until Rusev did his Russian/Belgian promo. His opponent was Dolph Ziggler, which got a big pop from the crowd. Typical Rusev match, but looked & felt 10 times bigger & better thanks to Ziggler. End came with Rusev hitting his jumping thrust kick on Dolph & locking in the Acolade, which Dolph tapped to. Full marks to Ziggler, as I've seen Rusev live 4 times now, & this was BY FAR the best he's looked.

Natalya vs Paige was next up…& my god do they need to give these ladies some more TV time. They had a fantastic match that the crowd was really into. Lots of counters & reversals & some really good wrestling. Paige hit the Paige-turner for a near fall, & off the next exchange Nattie was able to lock on the Sharpshooter. Paige made the ropes, but was dragged back to mid-ring & forced to tap. Natalya gets the W. Fantastic match!

Rybaxel vs Goldust & Stardust was next up. Big ovation for both Goldust & Stardust. Like the tag title match, a very similar match to what we've seen the last month with these 4. Ryback was playing up to the crowd huge during the match. Gold got the hot tag to Star, who eventually hit Axel with his new finisher for the 3-count & the win. Like or hate the character, the job Cody is doing with it is awesome, especially live.

Our 1st-half main event was Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns. HUGE ovation for Reigns coming in. Typical heel staling by Orton to start this one. Very solid opening to this one, a lot of outside brawling & using the ring apron, barricade etc. with Orton eventually gaining an upper-hand. Reigns fought back & hit the superman punch for 2. Orton hit the 2nd rope DDT & set-up for the RKO, which Reigns reversed into the ropes & hit the spear for the win.

Out of intermission, Santino Marella came out in street clothes to talk to the fans. He mentioned that he was looking forward to wrestling in front of his hometown fans, but he once again has hurt his neck & then informed us that it looks like in in-ring career in finished. He said it sucked that he'd never be able to be introduced from Toronto, Canada (where he is from) but that he would still be around WWE, even teasing perhaps he would be the next GM of Raw or Smackdown. He thanked the crowd again before leaving to a loud round of applause & "Santino" chants.

From that, we went into Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro. Kofi had his ribs taped up, & Cesaro focused almost all his offense on them. Very solid match, lots of technical work from Cesaro & the usual high-spots from Kofi. Cesaro teased the Swing but then dropped Kofi & shook his finger at the crowd which got some great heat. Cesaro ended up hitting the Neutralizer for the win.

We were then asked to welcome a former WWE champion & major hollywood star, the Miz…who was greeted with a very loud round of boo's. He gave the same promo about his face being the money-maker until he was interrupted by Chris Jericho. Once most of the crowd realized Jericho was actually there, the ovation was huge. Miz told Jericho if he wanted a match then he was not allowed to hit Miz in the face, so of course Jericho punched him in the mouth to start the match. Really good match between them, & I'd guess we see a similar one on Raw Monday. Funny spot mid-match where after hitting his springboard drop kick while Miz was on the apron, Jericho quieted down the crowd from chanting "you still got it" so he could scream out "I never lost it baby!" Miz was able to get the figure-four on, which Jericho was able to break & eventually get a counter to allow him to get Miz to tap out to the Walls of Jericho. Post-Match Jericho mentioned that this was his 1st match in a year & it felt good to be back. He certainly didn't look to have any ring rust at all.

It was now Main Event time, with Bray Wyatt vs John Cena in a street fight. Bray was out first to a mixed reaction, though there were a lot of cell phone lights in the crowd. Cena came out to a massive ovation. The kids had been waiting on night for him & let him know it. Cena grabbed the mic & said that because the crowd was so alive, he was putting the WWE World Heavyweight title on the line, which prompted Bray to charge in & get the match going. A lot of punch & kick brawling in the first parts of the match. Cena blocked a Sister Abigail attempt & hit the shoulder blocks & the 5-knuckle shuffle for a 2 count. He was able to hit an AA, but Harper & Rowan broke up the count & beat on Cena. Uso's came out to make the save & chased the Family to the back, leaving Wyatt & Cena alone. Wyatt used a chair on Cena for near falls, then ended up putting Cena through a table set-up in the corner for another 2 count. Wyatt grabbed the mic & asked if the fans loved Cena? And if they would love for him to cave in Cena's skull with it. Hit him twice with the mic & hit sister Abigail for another 2-count. Bray brought a 2nd table in, & shortly after was AA'd through it & Cena picked up the win to retain the belts.

Overall solid show with some really great matches on the card. The Divas match, Cena/Wyatt & Reigns/Orton were fantastic & the crowd was into all 3. Jericho/Miz was also not far behind quality wise. Really good show top to bottom that the crowd was pretty much into start to finish.


Biggest Pops:

Cena (by FAR)

Biggest Heat:

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