Live Fan Report From Jericho’s UK “London is Jericho” Show; Y2J Calls Goldberg & Bischoff Idiots, Talks HBK, Relationship w/Vince & More

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london is jerichoThanks to Scott H for sending in the following recap:

London is Jericho…

Some highlights from the LONDON IS JERICHO Show…

Chris did an amazing entrance, with a great video package then complete darkness, then his multi coloured jacket appeared. The jacket cost $15,000 and Chris said at WrestleMania 28 Brodus Clay and Christian were mucking around with it backstage and just before he went out against CM Punk the jacket broke down 1 side.  Chris asked us to watch his entrance again and notice how he only shows the one side of the jacket to the camera.

Jericho has so much respect for Taker, he told the Elimination Chamber 2010 story of how 3 pyros went off in Takers face within 20 seconds. Jericho asked Taker if he could continue the match for as long as it had been originally planned and Taker said yes kid, carry on. Chris said he could smell the burning of the Undertakers skin. Jericho then told a funny story of a 3 hour drinking session in a Tokyo bar were he tried to kiss Taker on the mouth, after 3 hours Taker let him kiss him on the cheek.

Chris told us about the problems in Brazil, and how he thought he was going to get throw into Jail. Jericho said there was a Brazilian colonel, who looked like the guy out of Indiana Jones, who wanted Jericho’s blood. Chris was escorted out of the arena by a police escort to the airport. As Y2J said, Cena thinks he is a star, he had to catch the WWE bus, I got a flashing lights police escort baby. Chris seemed annoyed with Vince, as Vince told Y2J he had cost them a decent market in Brazil, and Jericho told Vince that he should have his back. Vince made some calls and got Jericho to Guatemala then back to the US. Chris revealed that Vince suspended him for 30 days and fined him high 5 figures, to which Chris told Vince he would not be coming back. Triple H called Y2J to explain and Y2J put the phone down on him. All was worked out when Vince dropped the fine to $10,000 to this day Jericho said he hasn’t ever paid it.

Chris does a fantastic impression of Pat Paterson and said Pat is a great guy, he said Pat would say RDV over Y2J with a srogfrash, translated meant RVD over Y2J with a frogsplash.

Chris keeps using a cow bell to sign for the audience, his favorite is doing Mark Henrys entrance music.

Chris missed the WM 26 main event between HBK/Taker as Paul McCartney was performing right across the road and he snuck out to go and see it.

Jericho has a good relationship with Vince. Jericho found out on the day of the PPV that he was going to win the WWE Undisputed World Title. The way he found out, Jericho was eating lunch with Taker, and Vince walked over and said, ‘’Taker, this business is going to the shits, you know how I know, Jericho’s winning the Undisputed World Title tonight’’, he then smiled at Jericho and walked off.

Just before Y2J went out that night to win the Undisputed Title, Vince walked over to him, put his arm on his shoulder, and told Jericho that he has the most effeminate walk he has ever seen.

Chris talked about Goldberg. Goldberg refused to work with Jericho at WCW PPV because he had planned to go hunting that day. Y2J worked with Bobby Duncum Jr instead. Jericho said that Goldberg had a bad attitude and no sense of humor. The only person who praised him in the whole series was Hogan. Jericho said Bischoff and Goldberg were idiots.

He then talked about the Goldberg incident in WWE, Goldberg had just talked Jericho into the ground while Y2J was in the ring, a friend told Jericho and Y2J confronted him. They exchanged words and Jericho put him in a wrestling lock, Goldberg couldn’t get out. A few days later Vince txt Jericho and said ‘’what happened at RAW?’’, and Jericho txt back saying that he got into a fight, and Vince text back and said ‘’I know, I cant believe you beat up Goldberg, you really need to text me stuff like that!!’’. Jericho and Vince seem to have a great relationship.

Jericho talked about how his days in Japan sucked, until he performed as Chris Jericho, not Super Liger.

WCW sent him a cheque for $0.00 and a Fed Ex with nothing in it at all.

Vince told him not to hold back and to really go for Chyna, when he gave her a black eye, Vince was like ‘’my god she is a women, hold back’’.

Jericho has a lot of respect for HBK and talked about there series together.

His favorite matches are Savage-Steamboat WM 3, Bret/Owen, Shawn/Razor WM 10. The best match ever is HBK/Taker WM 25.

Jericho's two favorite moments at WrestleMania were WM 19 with HBK and WM 29 with Fandango. He said that he loved it cuss he helped get Fandango over and that he loved the fact that the next night on RAW Fandango was the most over wrestlers on the roster.

When he came over in 1999 to WWE he was treated like the enemy. It took time for him to get peoples trust.

His first night as WWE Champion, he walked back and everyone had left, there was no one in gorilla position and Jericho spent his first night as WWE Champion, locked out of his room, having a fight with the guy on the front desk, and then eating cold pizza alone.

Jericho talked about his working with Tyson and Bob Barker. He said they were both amazing, Chris does a wicked Tyson impression. He said Al Sharpton was not good on RAW.


Below is a photo of Jericho at the event:

london is jericho

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