WWE Extreme Rules Results (5/4) – Shield vs Evolution, Wyatt vs Cena, Bryan vs Kane!

Bill Pritchard

Steel Cage Match
Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Cena suplexes Bray and climbs the cage, but Harper and Rowan cut him off so Cena drops back down and Bray clotheslines him. Bray elbows him and throws him facefirst into the cage, then he holds Cena against the cage and Rowan rams him with his shoulder from the outside. Bray gets the crowd to sing with him as he clotheslines Cena on the apron, then he goes for the cage door but Cena cuts him off and slingshots him into the cage wall. They trade punches in the corner before Bray slams him down for a near fall, then mocks Cena and dances with him before hitting an Uranage slam for two. Bray lifts him and blocks an Attitude Adjustment attempt, but Cena comes back with a dropkick before hitting Bray a few times and setting up a Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Bray grabs the cage and tries to climb, but Cena counters with a powerbomb for two before going towards the cage door. Rowan pulls it shut on him so Cena tries to force it open, then Harper helps hold it closed as Bray runs over and hits Cena in the back of the head. Bray goes for a senton but Cena rolls away and starts climbing, then gets part of the way out before Rowan forces him back inside. Cena bulldogs Bray off the ropes before Cena fights with Harper on the top of the cage, then he pulls Harper in the cage and throws him down to the mat. Cena climbs the cage and slams the door into Bray's head, then Rowan swings with a chair to keep Cena from climbing all the way out.

Bray gets Cena with a snap suplex and follows with a running senton for two, then he goes for Sister Abigail but Cena counters with a STF attempt. Bray crawls for the ropes and Rowan helps him to break the hold, then Bray whips Cena headfirst into the cage before they slug it out the turnbuckles. Cena connects with a super AA off the ropes and makes the cover, but Harper breaks it up so Cena knocks him down and starts climbing. Rowan cuts him off and slugs him a few times, then Cena slams his head on the top of the cage and legdrops Harper from the ropes. Cena goes for the door but the lights cut out, then a child is shown at the cage door singing "He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands)," and Bray uses the distraction to hit Sister Abigail and walk out of the cage.

Winner – Bray Wyatt

BP: Typical WWE, book a cage match designed to keep people out, but have excessive interference through the whole thing. I thought the whole point was to finally see a 'fair fight', but you almost had to know they'd draw this out no matter the result. With that said, it was still a very good match with lots of great spots, and the kid at the end just continued to make Bray's character that much better. I can see this going for a few more months, with Bray adding more family members, but it's up to WWE to keep me interested. Cage matches used to end feuds, so I'm curious to see what they can do next month at Payback.

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