WWE Smackdown Results (1/31) – Big Six Man Tag Match, Final Elimination Chamber Participants Revealed

Bill Pritchard

Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

Sandow goes for a quick rollup and knees Kofi in the stomach, then he hits a side Russian legsweep and whips him into the corner. Kofi sidesteps him and kicks him a few times, then he whips him but Sandow punches him a few times before Kofi knees him in the face. Kofi dropkicks him and goes for a springboard crossbody, but Sandow ducks it and gets a near fall before he avoids Trouble In Paradise. Sandow goes for a straightjacket neckbreaker, but Kofi blocks it and shoves him back before hitting S.O.S. for the win.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

WWE Tag Team Championship
Cody Rhodes (w/ Goldust) vs Road Dogg (w/ Billy Gunn)

Road Dogg jabs Cody and hits the ropes, but Cody knees him for a near fall before Road Dogg hits him and applies an armbar, slamming Cody on the mat. Road Dogg slams him shoulder first into the turnbuckles and kicks him, then he whips him in the corner but Cody reverses it and goes for a rollup. Cody catches Road Dogg offguard with a missile dropkick, then Billy tries to interfere but Goldust cuts him off. Billy clotheslines him and Cody knocks him down with a Disaster Kick, then Road Dogg tries to steal a rollup but Cody counters with Cross Rhodes for the win. Billy jumps in the ring and attacks Cody but Goldust makes the save, then Road Dogg sucker punches Cody and the Outlaws retreat to the stage.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

The Shield vs Sheamus, Rey Mysterio & Daniel Bryan

Bray Wyatt appears on the Titantron and says he will give The Shield what they want, but he says they will perish on their hill because he might enjoy taking up this fight. Reigns sends Sheamus into the corner but Sheamus fires back with a clothesline, then Reigns catches him offguard with a strike and Ambrose repeatedly punches him in the corner. Ambrose ties him in the ropes and hits him, then he whips him but Sheamus throws him on the top rope and hits a kneelift before he repeatedly clubs his chest. Sheamus hits Reigns with a forearm as he tries to get involved, then we get back from a break to see Bryan put Rollins in a surfboard stretch. Rey tags in and hurricanranas Ambrose into the ropes, then Ambrose blocks a 619 and slams him on the mat before Reigns punches Rey in the head.

Rey gets thrown on the floor so Reigns heads outside and throws him into the barricade, then he rolls him in and Rollins stomps him and taunts him. Rollins chokes Rey on the ropes and connects with a kneedrop for two, then he goes for an electric chair drop but Rey hurricanranas him into the turnbuckles. Bryan gets the tag and he knocks Ambrose off the apron, then he kicks Reigns a few times and leapfrogs him before connecting with a clothesline. Bryan sends him outside and hits a suicide dive, then he runs in and ducks a clothesline by Rollins before hitting Ambrose with a suicide dive on the opposite side of the ring. Rey and Sheamus get involved before Reigns hits Sheamus with a Superman punch, then Bryan gets Reigns in the YES Lock before Rey dropkicks him into the ropes. Bryan prevents Rollins from interfering with a dive off the apron, then Rey goes for a 619 but Reigns spears him for the win.

Winners – The Shield

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