WWE Live Event Results (1/11): Buffalo, NY; Cena vs Orton Title Match, El Torito Wrestles & More

Nick Paglino

wwe live event results‚ÄčThanks to Ella Jackson for sending in the following report:

The arena was pretty well filled up, but the 200 and 300 levels were barely occupied. The crowd was definitely into the matches.

Curtis Axel and Ryback appeared on the Titantron and gave a backstage promo. They talked about Axel being the son of Mr. Perfect and talked about how "great" he was and Ryback mentioned how his father was a four time champion and so they will beat the Prime Time Players because "Rybaxel rules."

Tony Chimel comes out and announces the first match is underway. Prime Time Players come out to a loud ovation, lots of "millions of dollars" chants. Ryback and Curtis axel come out, only to get booed. Ryback rips up a "Skip Sheffield" sign by a guy at ringside. The match begins and Axel keeps running out of the ring and Darren chases him. Pretty solid match, but Ryback and Axel play the coward heels and keep leaving the ring. Rybaxel controls most of the match until Darren finally gets a hot tag to Titus who makes the pinfall. Prime Time Players win the match.

The results of a WWE Poll (we could vote via twitter or text) revealed the Divas would compete in a tag team match over a dance off. Bella Twins vs Alicia Fox and Aksana. Bella Twins were cheered but there were some "Brie can't wrestle" and "Brie sucks" chants and Nikki was visibly upset by them as she watched Brie get beat up on by Alicia Fox for most of the match. Brie finally gets a tag to Nikki and hits dropkicks and Aksana (I believe it was her) tried to interfere but Brie dropkicks her out of the ring, allowing Nikki to hit the rack (her finisher) on Alicia for the win. Pretty long Divas match, about 8-10 minutes.

Randy Orton appeared on the Titantron and said he was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and would beat Cena tonight.

Alberto del Rio comes out, and is booed by 98% of the crowd. He gets on the mic and says how all of us think Batista is going to win the Royal Rumble, but really he will be the one to push Batista over the ropes and win once again. Seems like a feud may be brewing.

Sin Cara's music hits and the crowd erupts. Del Rio leaves the ring as Sin Cara makes his way to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle and the crowd cheers him. Del Rio is clearly hated. Del Rio renters the ring, and teases the crowd like he's about to throw his shirt into the crowd, but he leaves his scarf and shirt hanging on the turnbuckle. Sin Cara got the upper hand very quickly with a few huricanranas which Del Rio selled very well. It amazes me, Del Rio sells every move Sin Cara makes. A few missed spots, but overall solid match. Del Rio played the biggest coward heel of the night as he jumps over the barricade and into the crowd. He grabs an usher and uses him as a human shield until he finally renters the ring. Del Rio beginning to gain the upperhand until Sin Cara makes a near fall after a huricanrana, but Del Rio barely kicks out. After about 12 minutes, Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker for the second time (tried the first time but Cara countered), and Sin Cara taps out. Gotta have at least one heel win right?

Del Rio celebrates his victory and Sin Cara is still in the ring surrounded by the ref and some doctors. He's selling the cross arm breaker still until the Real Americans along with Zebb Colter come out and attack Sin Cara. Swagger and Cesaro double team Sin Cara who is then taken to the back. Zebb gets on the mic and says the Sin Cara is an illegal foreigner and how normally he does not condone rude behavior unless it is justified, but he felt justified in attacking Sin Cara. He says we should all stand and proclaim the American spirit, until he is cut off by Cody Rhodes and Goldust who's music hit. LARGE ovation.

Tag Team Championship match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs The Real Americans. The beginning was actually funny because the Real Americans kept leaving the ring (a common theme throughout the night it seems). Goldust ends up chasing Jack Swagger around the ring and then later taps Zebb Colter on the shoulders twice and then hits him when he turns around. Swagger makes sure Zebb is alright and Cody makes the hot tag to Goldust eventually. Goldust gets beat up and almost gets pinned. He's taking a real beating and looks worn out. The Real Americans take control until Cody gets the crowd to chant for Goldust and then he kicks it into another gear and musters up enough strength to tag in Cody, who hits the cross Rhodes for the win. I can say this was a great match, Cody and Goldust show a lot of heart and have been improving and making quality matches. Solid 20 minutes. The crowd appreciated this match because it was great all around. (Sidenote: Cody Rhodes was shaking his right leg a little and limping slightly at the end, not sure if it's just selling the fight or if it's legit).

Intermission: Tony Chimel advises us that there are John Cena and Randy Orton autographs (personally signed) available at the stands. They were $20 dollars, as I bought Randy Orton's.

Six man tag match: Los Matadores and El Torito vs 3MB. Now I know what you're thinking, squash match right? Wrong. This went about 10 minutes. El Torito had some impressive moves on Jinder Mahal. He flew up from the top rope and leaped onto him and tagged himself out. It is impossible to tell the difference between Primo and Epico. But Los Matadores fended off an attack trim all of 3MB, sending them out of the ring until finally they got a pinfall. Los Matadores and El Torito beat 3MB. Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater tried doing air guitars which just looked awkward and the lady sitting behind me said to be "unattractive". If you were there and saw the motion Drew McIntyre did you would know what she meant. Surprising match overall, there were some 3MB fans who cheered but everyone laughed when a matador teased Heath with his shirt and whipped his arm pits with it. He then used it like a cape and Heath charged at it like a bull. "Ole!" 3MB don't get enough credit, they sell moves very well and put people over and make us laugh, just saying. They're entertaining.

Kane's music hits and the crowd is split. Half boo and half cheer for Kane. He wears his usual singlet with no mask, very weird sight. Who's his opponent? Zack Ryder. Surprisingly Zack Ryder controls most of the match and hits the Broski boot (which barely grazed Kane's head), and Kane sells it. But come on it's Kane. Kane gains control and pins Ryder. The match lasted longer than expected. Good showing by Ryder. The ref helps Ryder to the back.

Kane then gets on the mic and challenges anyone to come down to face him. Big Show. Now it's a battle of the giants. Charles Robinson runs out as ref and tells Kane that the match is taking place right now. Big Show played the face and took a little girl out of the crowd to take a picture with (it was really nice). Big Show then shook his butt for the audience before he got into the ring (awkward but funny). Quicker match than expected. Big Show knocked out Kane in about five minutes. He celebrates but someone from backstage interrupts the celebration and talks on the mic. Ugh, Brad Maddox. He says Kane may be Chief yadda yadda, and general manager of Raw and Kane is not doing a good job. Big Show taps him on the shoulder but Maddox says he'll deal with Show in a second. Big Show is annoyed and looks to the crowd who chants "knock him out." Big Show taps Maddox on the shoulder again who says "okay fine you're turn" and Big Show choke slams him and the crowd erupts. Doctors help Maddox to the back. Hilarious spot right there.

Main Event Time. Orton is out first. The crowd is about 50/50, cheering and booing him. He slowly walks to the ring, typical. Cena's music hits and I swear the crowd was roaring so loud. Everyone stood up for him, whether to cheer or boo him. Tony Chimmel was about to announce Cena as the challenger but Orton stopped him and requested he be announced first so Chimmel introduced Randy as champion. The crowd was really spilt the whole match. Orton dominated. He threw Cena into steel stairs and almost ended in a double countout. Orton walked around the ring and states down two fans who talk smack to him (I'm not sure but he might have flipped one of them off).  Cena is back in the ring. Orton hits a DDT and back breaker but Cena kicks out. SuperCena erupts and tries to hit an attitude adjustment but Orton fights out of it. Cena then hits a five knuckle shuffle and locks in the STF. Orton taps but the ref is knocked out so Cena is frustrated but attends to the ref. Orton grabs his title belt and hits Cena in the head while the ref is still knocked out. Cena is out too so Orton tries to get the ref up, and once he is, Orton makes the cover before Cena kicks out after a very slow 2 count. Near fall. Orton is shocked, so he hits an RKO, but Cena kicks out once again. Cena then regains control and hits an AA but Orton kicks out, tries to go for another one but Orton fights back. Orton tries for two RKO's but Cena reverses. Orton hits a powerslam and tries to pin but Cena kicks out again. Orton is clearly exhausted. He takes his time between each attack on Cena, looking at the crowd who half boos and half cheers him. He wastes so much time between moves. Cena gains the upperhand again but Orton fights back and eventually just low blows him to get DQed. He plays the coward heel very well though. Orton retains but loses by disqualification. Orton grabs his titles and leaves the ring, watching Cena exhausted and in pain. He stares down and attempts to run in and attack a vulnerable Cena, but John hits an AA on him to send the crowd home happy. Lots of "Lets go Cena/Cena sucks chants." Solid 25 minute match. Many near falls that kept the fans on the edge of their seat, even if many people knew what was going to happen. The crowd was split on this match 50/50 for Cena and Orton, it was insane. So much respect for Orton and Cena. Cena's music played and everyone rushed out into the cold.

The show started at 7:30 and ended about 10:30.

Tony Chimmel thanked the crowd in Buffalo and says they'll be back soon.

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