Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for 1/1: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV & More Indy Updates

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Perception Is Reality hosted by Bill Behrens, Trent Van Drisse and Larry Goodman returns with a special roundtable discussion sparked by Stephen Platinum's recent columns comparing NWA Wildside/Anarchy to Saturday Night Live. Wednesday 11-20 7PM ET



Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 



Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 

To book AJ Styles contact Bill Behrens at

The AJ Styles Phenomenal One Tour

January 4        Ring Of Honor Nashville Fairgrounds

                          AJ vs Roderick Strong

January 18       Magnum Pro Wrestling Cedar Falls, IA


                          AJ vs Jaysin Strife

January 19       Premiere Wrestling Xperience at Ziggy’s in Winston, Salem, NC 


                          AJ vs Cedric Alexander

January 26       Smash Wrestling in Toronto, ON

                          AJ vs Chris Hero

February 1       Dreamwave Wrestling Chicago, IL

                          AJ v s Christian Rose

February 7      Deep Southern Championship Wrestling Blue Ridge, GA

                         AJ & Cody Roberts vs Corey Hollis & Shaun Tempers

February 8     CZW 15th Anniversary Vorhees, NJ

February 15 House of Glory  Ridgewood, NY

                       AJ & Amazing Red vs Young Bucks                          

                       Autographs  Euros Plaza 3271 Richmond, ST Staten Island, NY noon-2pm


February 21  ROH Philadelphia 12th Anninversary Show National Guard Armory


February 22 ROH Philadelphia TV taping Show National Guard Armory


February 23 Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Freeland, PA

                       AJ vs Tommy Suede                  

March 1        Preston City Wrestling UK

                       AJ vs Lionheart

March 14     2CW Binghamton, NY

                      AJ  vs. Eddie Edwards 

March 15      UWE Harrisburg, PA

                       AJ vs AR Fox

April 26        Remix Pro Marietta, OH

                       AJ vs Facade

More will be announced soon.

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More will be announced soon.

The previously announced “Evening with AJ Styles” UK tour has been postponed to avoid conflict with a similar event featuring DDP that was schedule for the same March 6-10 dates.   New dates will be announced soon.

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A.J. Styles Autobiography  (UPDATE)

AJ Styles (TNA) is close to completing his autobiography that will be published by Louisiana based VIP INK PUBLISHING.   Release is planned for early 2014.   www.   Contributing to the book so far are Wendy Jones, Jerry Palmer, Bret Hart, Dixie Carter, Vince Russo, Terry Taylor, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Jerry Jarrett, Les Thatcher, Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne), Air Paris, Jimmy Rave, Christopher Daniels, Bob Ryder, Rob Vaughn, David Young, Jeff G Bailey, Dan Wilson, Bill Behrens, Gabe Sapolsky, Jim Kettner, Frankie Kazarian, Howard Brody, Mike Johnson, Larry Goodman & more.


AJ Styles now has an official website at .




Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 

MIKE POSEY – The Birmingham, AL native performed as a wrestler and referee initially in Alabama & Georgia, most notably for NWA Wildside. He joined TNA as a referee, and also wrestled in a feud with David Young as “Dropkick” Posey. He resigned from TNA to try-out for WWE and after several dark matches was the 1st referee to join WWE’s development promotion Deep South Wrestling, initially without a WWE contract. Soon he was signed. When the ECW brand was launched he joined the WWE roster as one of its refs, eventually becoming the brand’s Sr. official. In his time in WWE he was a ref in matches on all three WWE brands and appeared at two WrestleManias. Returning to wrestling in 2009, Mike Posey teamed with former WWE Referee, Wes Adams, as the Official Express and Corey Hollis as Alabama Attitude in ROH. Posey won numerous singles titles including RPW TV Title, NWA Ultimate Tag Team Title, APW North Georgia Title, Alabama Junior Heavyweight Title, NWA Tennessee Junior Heavyweight Champion, NWA Pro South All Out & Tag Team Champion, and more. Posey was ranked in the 2012 PWI 500 at 333 up from 438 in 2011 and 470 in 2010..   In 2013 PWI 500 ranked Mike Posey at 320 and Corey Hollis at 318.

Posey & Hollis faced Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shawn Banks) at the TNA House Show in Mascon, GA at the Coliseum on Saturday 10-20-12.

ANARCHY WRESTLING in CORNELIA, GA Posey & Hollis returned to face the Anarchy tag team champions, The Movement on 3-9 and faced Slim J & Seth Delay on 3-23.  Posey & Hollis return to Anarchy on May 11  and defeated Seven Walters & John Skyler, pinning Walters after Skyler turned on his partner.  Posey & Hollis  were defeated by Gunner & Walters on 6-8-13. 6-22 Posey & Hollis defeated Foster & Coal (Squared Circle) and Hollis was defeated by Slim J, and Posey was defeated by the debuting Cody Hall.  Mike Posey def Steven Walter on 6-29 and as a result will get Franklin Dove “in the ring”. On 7-13-13 Posey & Hollis def Joey Rhymer & BJ Hancock.  On 7/27 Posey defeated Kyle Matthews.  On 8-10 Posey & Hollis def The Movement.  On 8-24 Posey defeated Caprice Coleman and Corey Hollis defeated Slim J.  On 9-14 Corey Hollis faced Steven Walters and Mike Posey faced Wildside.  On 9-28 Posey & Hollis took on Se7en & Shaun Tempers for the anarchy Tag Team Titles. On October 12 they defeated Joey Rhymer & Stryknyn.  On Oct 26 Corey Hollis was defeated TNS’s Gunner, and Mike Posey defeated Slim J.  They returned to Anarchy on November 9 and were defeated by Iceberg & Slim J.   December 14 Posey & Hollis def G Rated (Rinauro & Delay). On 12-28 Corey Hollis replacing Franklin Dove def Mike Posey.

Both Mike Posey & Corey Hollis are scheduled for the ROH TV Taping in Nashville on Jan 4.


Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 

Dan Wilson's MIDNIGHT BLACK MASS: 5 interviews w/BILL BEHRENS on NWA Wildside

PT 1        

PT 2

PT 3                                                                                                               

PT 4


PT 5

Classic NWA Wildside Episodes are now being posted at

NWA Wildside TV eps 119 from 2001 are online now.

SHOW #119







Multimedia section at or

NWA Wildside featured stars like Current TNA Heavyweight Champion, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles (TNA/WCW), Ron Killings (WWE/TNA), Abyss (Justice) (TNA), Jimmy Rave (TNA), Amazing Red (TNA), Tony Mamaluke (WWE/WCW/TNA), Air Paris (WCW), Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA), David Young (TNA), Kenn Phoenix (Kenn Doane/Dykstra) (WWE), Luke Hawx (Altar Boy Luke) (WSX), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) (WWE), Delirious (ROH), Mike Posey (WWE/TNA), “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (ECW/TNA) and many more. NWA Wildside served a development promotion for WCW and featured stars like The Beast (Bob Sapp), David Flair, Tank Abbott, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang and many more. Wrestling legends like Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Taylor, Larry Zbsyzko, James E Cornette, The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky & Robert), Abdullah The Butcher, and many more all appeared on NWA Wildside TV.

The NWA Wildside announce team featured Dan "The Dragon" Wilson, Steven Prazak, Scott Hudson, Steve Martin, Bill Behrens, Al Getz, Chris Cruise & others.

Classic NWA Wildside DVD’s are now available at . Relive the excitement of one of the most talked about independent promotions in professional wrestling, NWA Wildside!

All DVD’s may be purchased by using your PayPal account and using the "Send Money" option to Each LAST RITES 2005, FREEDOM FIGHT 2004 or HARDCORE HELL 2005 PT 1 or 2 DVD is only $10, shipping included!

And WILDSIDE TV episodes are available for $5 each or 3 for $10 on DVD with shipping included for free.

Write to Show Business, Inc at for info on how to order by mail and on how to order any of the over 300 episodes of NWA Wildside TV, or write to PO Box 941787 Atlanta, GA 31141.



Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 



PWI top 500. 443 Dunkerton, 404 Matthews, 320 Posey, 318 Hollis 317 Judas, 250 Tempers, 121 Coleman, 86 Gunner

SHOW #741-412






ANARCHY TV LIST                                                          


AUGUSTA, GA                             WBEK-TV16            SUNDAY     3:00PM                                                                                                     



WEBSITE:         for affiliates and schedule

SCHEDULED:        FRIDAY 11PM (Sometimes SAT-SUN Morn 3AM too)

AMG also available through:





8PM Saturdays Starting July 2013

Dallas/Fort Worth KNAV-22, KODF-26.1, K31GL 31.3, and KATA 50.4.
Seattle KUSE 46.5 ,

Sacramento KBTV 8.7,

Las Vegas KNBX 31.2 and 31.4

Houston KUVM 34 (starting soon)



4236 Level Grove Rd. Cornelia, GA

2nd & 4th Saturdays













December 28 Anarchy Wrestling Season's Beatings Report

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling put on a terrific show at Season’s Beatings, maybe even better than Fright Night, their best show of the year and nominee for Georgia’s best live event of 2014.

What was definitely better was the gate – 250 standing room only the likes of which the Anarchy Arena hasn’t seen in several years. The final chapter of Jerry Palmer’s reign of terror (Hardcore Hell 2013) came in right at 200.

The return of AJ Styles to the building where he started his career undoubtedly had a lot to do with drawing such a great house. This show had more starpower than Anarchy event in recent years. Gunner and Matt Striker were also on hand for a pre-show meet and greet, but the line of people waiting to meet Styles went on forever.

There were four title matches on the show with one new champion emerging. Billy Buck defeated Bobby Moore to win the disputed TV title in an I Quit match that was the best match of the show and one hell of a conclusion to one of the epic feuds in the 15 year history of the building.

In a surprising decision, the 10 man tag was slotted for the main event slot rather than the hugely built Last Man Standing match for the heavyweight title or Buck/Moore. That move worked out fine as did almost everything about this show, which presented a diversity of match styles that kept the crowd entertained all night long.

Another surprise was the lack of an intermission. That never happens at Anarchy and it turned out to be the right thing to do. The crowd showed no signs of burn out — impressive for an event that ran over 3 hours long and didn’t end until almost 11:30. There was a brief loss momentum during the heavyweight title match that was my least favorite thing about the show, but that proved to be a mere a blip on the radar screen.

Ring announcer Jonathan Feltner introduced Matt Striker as the special guest color commentator for the evening.

(1) CB Suave won a Battle Royal to earn the title shot of his choosing at 9:50. The 11 man field consisted of the participants in Matt Striker’s seminar conducted earlier in the day. This was pretty decent as battle royals go because the wrestlers made a legit looking struggle to stave off elimination. John Skyler was the standout here with multiple great looking close calls. The order of early elimination was as follows: Kameron Kade, Jeremiah Plunkett, Shane Smalls (barely recognized him with the short hair), and Gabriel Croft. Brandon Parker eliminated Jackson James with an apron STO that also took him out. Heat of the moment I guess. It came down Skyler, CB Suave and his partner Tommy Penirelli beating on one babyface, Alex Averignos. Skyler dumped Penirelli for a trouble in paradise moment as Penirelli was pissed that Suave didn’t have his back. Skyler hit a slingshot spear on Suave, but got tossed out by Averignos. Suave and Averignos battled on the apron. In a moment of impaired judgment, Averignos clotheslined Suave back into the ring. Suave then ran Averignos into the buckle and he fell to the floor. Not much of a finish after all those great close calls.

Mike Posey vs. Anarchy owner Franklin Dove was next. Dove had finally acquiesced to Posey’s repeated demands to get in the ring with him. “You wanted me in the ring and I’m standing right here, “ said Dove, as he took off his warm up jacket revealing a ref shirt underneath. Dove introduced Posey’s tag partner, Corey Hollis as his opponent. This got a huge pop as a Posey has been screwing with Hollis for a while now, so thiss was the perfect spot to pull the trigger on the turn.

(2) Corey Hollis defeated Mike Posey in 10:23. Posey shoved Dove into the ropes to crotch Hollis on the top turnbuckle. Hollis rallied, hitting a falcon arrow for a near fall. They traded less than stellar near falls. There was some good stuff in the match, but it was inconsistent. Hollis crotched Posey on the top buckle to cut off the Alabama Jam. A great back and forth exchange ensued with Posey countering the airplane spin. Posey and Dove got into it. Dove faked a punch. Posey covered up and Hollis got the airplane spin but Posey kicked out. Posey hit the Alabama Jam and Hollis kicked out. Posey got in Dove’s face, and Hollis nailed Posey with that wicked back elbow to the mush for the pin. The argument between Dove and Posey wasn’t as heated as it could have been, but the elbow looked devastating.

Feltner explained that Brodie Chase (illness) and Dany Only (unforeseen circumstances) couldn’t make it to the event, so their partners were teaming up, and the four way match tag title match was changed to a 3 way elimination match with the winners earning a shot at Urban Assault Squad later in the evening.

(3) Iceberg Slim (Slim J & Iceberg) defeated Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) and Jeremy Vain & Stryknyn in an elimination match at 17:42 to earn a tag title shot. Bullets were a late addition when Chase and Only canceled. Their presence made the match. If they don’t win for Tag Team of the Year, it’s a crime. Their selling for Iceberg Slim was off the chain. J hit a picture perfect moonsault to the floor from the top turnbuckle. The makeshift team of Vain and Stryk showed surprising chemistry. On second thought, maybe not surprising considering their APW connection. Vain was romping and stomping on the Bullets when ref Ken Wallace got in the way to restore order. Bullets capitalized with the Marion Barry at 11:50. J was absolutely on fire for the next minute. He had Jon in the inverted STF but Trey broke it up, and the Bullets applied the pressure. J flew off the top directly into a double kick to the jaw that looked sick. Off the hot tag, Berg came back with a belly to belly on Trey and a running splash on Jon, but Trey made the save. Jon tried for the backcracker half of the Marion Barry on Berg. That wasn’t happening. The Bullets compounded their problem with another screw up, and Trey was pinned after a flying reverse DDT and running splash by Berg. Best match so far. It had great heat and great energy.

Postmatch, UAS attacked J and obliterated him. Berg cleaned house on UAS but eventually fell victim to the numbers . Double sblock obliterate J. dcline spin bump. Dump. Berg clean house.

(4) Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) defeated Iceberg Slim (Iceberg & Slim J) to retain the Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 6:40. UAS got heat on Berg. They busted out some Urban kung fu, and Jackson was being a real dick. He’s great at that. The finish saw Slim hit the flying reverse DDT on Nemesis, but Vandal ran to ringside to distract referee Ken Wallace. Jackson nailed Slim with the belt and he was pinned by Nemesis. The new as a UAS minion suits Vandal to a T. This was fine. Not the right spot to take titles of UAS IMO.

Postmatch, Vandal celebrate with UAS. Feltner announced that Dove had made a rematch for January 11.

Franklin Dove welcomed AJ Styles back to the Anarchy Arena. He got a standing O. Styles said it was an honor and privilege to come back home. Styles talked about how it was NCW when he started and then NWA Wildside after that. He talked about the great wrestler that had come out of this building – Matt and Jeff Hardy, Ron Killings, Abyss, and brought out Gunner, calling him one of the most intimidating guys he had ever been in the ring with. Styles proposed adding “and the Home of AJ Styles” to the sign out front that reads “Southern Church of Professional Wrestling”. That brought Posey back out to get some respect. Posey said Styles was a sacrilegious yuppie, and while the fans bowed down and kissed his ass, all he got was to be called mean names by stupid people. Cue up the “Munchkin” chant. Posey said he had been to Wrestlemania twice, so the building should be called the Mike Posey Arena and they could name the concession stand after Styles. Posey did the splits. Styles admitted he hadn’t been to Wrestlemania as a wrestler but neither had Posey, and he couldn’t do the splits because he had pair of nuts like all the other guys in the building. “I can’t do that but there’s something I can do.” Styles gave Posey the Styles Clash and Dove covered him as Gunner made the three count on him. Beautifully done by all and the crowd lapped it up.

(5) The Last Man Standing match between Mikael Judas and Se7en (with Jeff G. Bailey) was ruled a draw at 15:28 when neither man was able to beat the 10 count. Judas retained the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship. This was monster vs. monster. They beat the hell out each other and Judas pulled off some incredible offensive moves. Still, there was something missing. The crowd was quieter than for the other matches. My sense is that fans don’t see Se7en as the guy that will dethrone Judas. Right at the opening bell, Judas kicked Se7en in the head and it was on. Judas hit a great spear and did a dive over the top. They brawled on the floor. Se7en took several counts but was easily up before 10. Se7en kept blocking the chokeslam. Se7en heaved Judas off the rings steps into the rail. Judas went down for the first time and took an 8 count. Judas hit a spectacular superplex. Both down men down for an 8 count. Se7en took control with repeated spinebuster slam that didn’t look all that devastating. Judas barely beat the 10 count after the fourth spinebuster. Judas got the choke slam but Se7en was up at the count of 8. Judas hit El Crucifijo. That should have been it. Se7en made it to his feet at 8 and chokebombed Judas. Judas was up just before 10. They both went down after a clash of chairshots, and neither man was able to get up. There was no way they could have put this match on last with that finish, which was roundly booed. This was the only place where I had a quarrel with the booking. Unless Se7en is winning this deal, and I don’t’ think he is, El Crucifijo should have been saved for their final match, and the draw finish was lame. Better Judas loses via Bailey's ether rag or some such.

(6) Kevin Blue defeated Shaun Tempers (with Jeff G. Bailey) to retain the Young Lion’s Championship in 9:47. Blue has gotten louder entrance pops from much smaller TV taping crowds than he did from a packed house at the big show. Go figure. I suspect that many of the non-regulars weren’t all that familiar with Blue and naturally saw Tempers as the bigger star of the two. Tempers was being outwrestled, so he took a shortcut, clotheslined Blue over the top and did a number on his back. Blue dodged a pair of elbow drops and made his comeback, garnering a two count with a swinging neckbreaker. Tempers answered with a cobra clutch backbreaker for a near fall. Tempers’ cocky aggressiveness got the better of him, as he charged in and ate the turnbuckle, and Blue shocked him with a quick roll up. A solid match and a nice elevation for Blue.

(7) Billy Buck defeated Bobby Moore in an I Quit Match to win their best of three series and the Anarchy TV Title in 20:52. The crowd was amped for this. Poppa Buck came down the ram with Billy before assuming his position as timekeeper. The action quickly spilled to ringside where Buck used the ring frame, the post and steel chair to soften up Moore's knee. Moore moved and Buck ran into the post. Moore did the Cactus Jack elbow off the apron to the floor. That was insane and Moore paid the price for it. Back inside, Billy hit a Thesz Press and pounded on Moore's head until he bled. Moore ducked a superkick and caught Buck with a vicious discus elbow. Billy wouldn't quit. Camel clutch by Moore. Billy wouldn't quit. Moore said give up because these people don't care about you. That ignited a huge Buck chant. Billy responded with a figure four. Moore wouldn't quit and blasted Buck in the head with the mic. Moore with a running back elbow. Billycollapsed but wouldn't quit. STO from Hell. Billy still said no. Moore KOed Buck with the loaded elbow pad. Buck was knocked out. Moore claimed victory but referee Dee Byers said Buck had to say the words. Billy was dead weight. Moore finally got him up and went for another discus elbow. Billy ducked and hit Moore right on the button with the superkick. Moore refused to give. Both men used the ropes to pull themselves to their feet. They traded bigtime shots. Moore escaped from the Samoan drop and connected with the sick kick. Still no quit in Billy. Moore tied Billy's hands together with electrical tape, tied him to the ropes and whipped him with his own belt. Billy said he would never quit. Moore was about to split Billy's wig with a chair when Poppa Buck grabbed the chair from behind. "Not my son". Moore kicked Poppa in the gut and threatened to crush his skull if Billy didn't quit. As Moore wheeled toward Poppa, Buck kicked him in the groin. Poppa untied Billy, who dropped Moore on his head with a german suplex and starting beating on his leg with the chair. billy locked in the figure four and Moore quit. They've had a lot of great matches, and they ended it with a match that was great without doing crazy stuff (the Cactus Jack elbow excepted) because it told a more dramatic story than anything they had done before. One of my favorite matches of 2013.

Dan Wilson replaced Striker on commentary for the main event and got a warm response from the crowd.

Miss Rachael said Dove knew she only had four guys for the 10 man match and was trying to set her up for failure. She had successfully petitioned Dove to pick the referee and had chosen Brent Wiley (Todd Sexton’s slimy brother). Rachael went on to say that Dove wasn’t the first conniving person at Anarchy and invoked the name of Consequences Creed (aka Xavier Wood). Rachael claimed that Creed stepped on his partner at Anarchy to make it to the top, and that partner migrated to PCW where he met her. She introduced Hayden Young as the fifth member of her team.

(8) Todd Sexton & Sal Rinauro & Ace Rockwell & Seth Delay & Steven Walters defeated Anthony Henry & BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer & Bo Newsom & Hayden Young (with Miss Rachael) in 19:53. This match was great fun, a superb blend of wrestling and comedy. A few high points: Sexton’s giant beard swing on Newsom….Sexton and Walters dueling European forearms on Henry…Rhymer’s chest being shredded by a withering series of chops…Rinauro’s Sabu-like springboard legdrop… a hilarious parade of atomic drops by Rinauro sold to max effect by the heels…Delay and Rinauro busting out a Lost Boys double team. Rinauro is way out of shape, but his charisma is still intact. For a few stellar moments, Delay and Henry renewed their feud. Eventually, Hancock cheated to foil Walters’ suplex, and the heels dished out punishment. Rockwell took the hot tag to spark a wild and crazy sequence. It ended with Sexton giving Rhymer a superplex onto the other 8 guys, and they all went down like bowling pins. Sexton confronted Rachael. She tried to slap him. Sexton blocked it. Rachael tried to hit Sexton with her clipboard and bonked Wiley instead. Let it never be said that Rachael fears physicality, because she took a hard bump off the apron for one of the big pops of the night. Rockwell hit Aces High on Newsom and Dee Byers slid into the ring to make the three count. This match was the right way to end the show.

Postmatch, the victors helped Miss Rachael back into the ring and tortured her with a 5 way Sexy Party swivel hips dance much to the delight of the crowd.

NOTES: The next television taping at the Anarchy Arena is January 11 featuring a rematch for the tag titles between Urban Assault Squad and Iceberg Slim…Brodie Chase missed the show due to illness. Only canceled for personal reasons…Notable visitors included Jason Cross, JT Talent, John Phoenix, Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case and Eli Evans), Shane Marx and Chad Parham….Referees Dee Byers and Ken Wallace both received nominations for best referee in the annual Georgia Wrestling History awards…Styles makes his return to Ring of Honor on January 4 at the Nashville Fairgrounds vs. Roderick Strong…Hollis is one of eight participants announced for the Top Prospects Tournament in Nashville.        





Anarchy star, Slim J, announces the launch of his new website .

The website features pics & videos of Slim J, plus very soon fans will be able to purchase Slim J T-Shirts & DVDs. Slim J also create original music & beats that are available for purchase using paypal.

If you want to get trained as a professional wrestler you will find info on the NWA Anarchy Wrestling School at too.

Dan “The Rev” Wilson podcast:

Thursday at 11:30 PM EST at

The Rev's Midnight Black Mass – bringing you the most in unique and sinister coverage of all entertainment "On The Fringe" (Pro Wrestling, Music, Horror Films, TV, Comics, Stand Up Comedy and More)



Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling was created in March of​ of 2010 and started running shows once a month in Ellijay, Ga. We started out in a place known as Gilmer Golf and games. Our first show drew a crowd of 35 or 40 people. DSCW didn’t get discouraged though we kept giving good quality matches at a fair price and got our crowds up to 150 or more. We had to move to gyms and civic centers to support our fan base, drawing close to 600 on some of our big shows. Taking the Bump: A story of semi-pro wrestling


Deep Southern Championship Wrestling will be at the DSCW Arena in Blue idge, GA, on February 7. Advertised: A.J. Styles, Kyle Matthews, Shaun Tempers, Cody Roberts, Corey Hollis, dany only, the Movement, the Good Ole Boys, Torque, Chad Case, Cyrus the Destroyer, the Scorpion, and the Crash Test Dummy. Bell time is at 8:00 PM.


Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV!/pages/Alternative-Pro-Wrestling/300432721579


Latest episode at:

APW has live events each Friday at the Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA 8PM Belltime.

305 Cherry Street, Royston, Ga





Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV

We're there every First and Third Saturday of the month!
2001 Main Street
Porterdale, Georgia 30070
(20 East, Go right off of Exit 88, 3.5 miles go left at the four-way stop, building is on the left side of the street)


Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV


Empire Wrestling Entertainment will be at the Empire Arena in Rossville, GA .

Tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and bell time is at 8:00.

Upcoming Events:

Empire Wrestling Entertainment will be at the Empire Arena in Rossville, GA, on January 4. Advertised: Shaun Tempers defends the EWE Title against Tank in a dog collar match; Ace Rockwell vs. Matt Fortune in an I quit match; the Double Dragons vs. the Best of the Best for the EWE Tag Team Title; Brother Fusion (Jason Collins & Brandon Collins) vs. Johnny Viper & a mystery partner; and Logan Alvey vs. Bobby Hayes in a street fight. Bell time is at 8:05 PM.


 Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV


Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV

ProSouth Wrestling

627 Southern Avenue

Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.

Current Champions

ProSouth Champion: Jake Coal

All-Out Champion: Dameon Ceretone

Tag Team Champions: Team Jameon (James Hardy & Dameon Ceretone)


Bill Beherens SE Wrestling News for the Week: AJ Styles Update, Autobiography Note, Tour Info, NWA Wildside, Anarchy TV 




AIWF Main Event Wrestling, Inc.


VFW Hall – 266 Morrilson St.

Gallatiln, TN. 37066

AIWF Main Event Wrestling

Friday Jan. 3, 2014 – 8 PM Bell Time

266 Morrision St.

Gallatin, TN. 37066

Main Event

AIWF Mid-America Heavyweight Title Match

"The Natural" Chase Stevens (Challenger)


"The Exception" Zach Harris (Champion) w/Sid Hassan

Winner will get a shot at the AIWF Mid-America Heavyweight Title next Friday Jan. 10, 2014

Ben Bray -vs- Vic the Bruiser

Girls Match

Mary Kelly -vs- Miss Rachel

Rudy Boy Gonzalez -vs- Lee Byford

Toby Farley -vs- Terrell Tempo

Panther -vs- Mario DeVito

Jason wolf -vs- Big Time Sexy.

$10 Front Row $8 General Admission Kids 5 & Under free with a paid Adult.

Highest score concession stand in this entire area!

card subject to change.


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