WWE RAW Results (12/16) – Punk/Usos vs Shield, Fans Vote Rhodes’ Opponents, Bryan vs Orton

Bill Pritchard

Tons of Funk (w/ The Funkadactyls) vs Rybaxel

Tensai hits Axel a few times and whips him into the corner, then he hits a shoulder block off the ropes but Axel comes back with a dropkick. Axel elbows him a few times and tags out, then Ryback smacks Tensai a few times and takes him out with a powerslam off the ropes. Ryback charges the corner but Tensai elbows him, then he runs at him again but Tensai sidesteps him and Ryback hits the ringpost. Tensai goes for the tag but Brodus backs away from him, then Ryback hits Tensai from behind and hits Shell Shocked for the win. Brodus yells at the Funkadactyls before entering the ring, then he splashes Tensai twice before R-Truth and Xavier Woods run in (from commentary) and dropkick Brodus out of the ring. Truth says they had enough of this, and the Funkadactyls are dressed to dance so they should get together, so they all get in the ring and dance while an angry Brodus watches.

Winners – Rybaxel

CM Punk comes out and says he's not much for Christmas miracles, but he said he was taking some of the Shield with him, and he ended up beating them. He says it's far from over, but he thinks someone is trying to get rid of him, and he doesn't do well with authority figures. Punk says he proved it by slugging HHH last week, and he wants to settle this before he's put in another handicap match and asks HHH to come to the ring. Punk waits and says he didn't think HHH would show, but Shawn Michaels greets him instead and Punk asks what he wants. Shawn says he gets it because he's just like him, but he tells Punk to get over it because he's the one that kicked him last week, not HHH. Punk says they should talk about it, and he says he respects him a lot, which is why he's giving Shawn a pass for last week. He says Shawn had better not kick him again, or he's getting kicked back, but Shawn says it hurt him to do that last week, then introduces Punk's opponents.

The Shield vs CM Punk & The Usos

Jimmy hits a shoulder tackle and a backdrop, then Jey hits Ambrose with a diving forearm before Punk punches him and whips him across the ring. Punk misses a clothesline but gets Rollins with a drop toe hold, then Jimmy applies an armbar but Rollins backs him into the corner. Rollins chops him but Jimmy clotheslines him, then Jey assists with a double elbow drop before Rollins breaks an armbar and elbows him. He knees Jimmy off the ropes before they trade shots, then Rollins sends him over the ropes and we get a standoff as we cut to a break. We get back to see Rollins miss a corner splash, then Jimmy hits him a few times and follows with a Samoan drop for two. Jimmy knocks Reigns off the apron but Rollins punches him in the head, then Ambrose stomps him a few times and connects with a kick off the ropes. Reigns tags in and drops Jimmy with a punch, then he hits an elbow and kicks him in the back before Rollins gets back in.

Rollins argues with the ref before slamming Jimmy in the corner, then he sets him up top but Jimmy headbutts him a few times and hits a crossbody block. Reigns prevents him from making a tag and hits a side slam, then he applies a headlock but Jimmy kicks him and finally gets the tag. Punk hits some clotheslines and a running knee, then he takes Rollins and Ambrose down with neckbreakers before he suplexes Ambrose for a near fall. Reigns runs in and breaks up a pin before hitting a Superman punch, but Jimmy knocks him outside and hits a suicide dive. Rollins throws him into the barricade as Punk tackles him on the floor, then Punk hits a top rope elbow and gets Ambrose for a two count. Punk calls for a GTS but he prevents Rollins from running in, then he hits Ambrose with a GTS but Reigns spears him for the win.

Winners – The Shield

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