WWE TLC Results (12/15) – Punk Outsmarts The Shield, Tag Title Elimination Match, Who Is The New Unified WWE Champion?

Bill Pritchard

Swagger runs in and slams Goldust in the corner, then he applies a front facelock and rams Goldust with his shoulder before sending him outside. Swagger hits a clothesline on the floor, then Cesaro tags in and Goldust tries to fight back but Cesaro takes him down with a gutwrench slam. Goldust fights back and drops Swagger with a springboard elbow, then Cesaro gets him in the Big Swing before Goldust kicks him away and goes for a tag. Swagger knocks Cody off the apron before Goldust hits a hurricanrana, then Show whips Swagger into the barricade as Cesaro kicks Rey in the face. Goldust comes back with a powerslam before Show gets in and hits Cesaro, then he splashes him in the corner and hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Show calls for a chokeslam but Cesaro counters, then Show knocks out Swagger when he tries to interfere before knocking out Cesaro for the next elimination. Show stares at Cody checking on Goldust, then Show helps Goldust up and checks on him before punching him a few times. Show shoulder tackles him and sends him outside, then he picks him up by the head and hits him in the corner.

Show whips him but Goldust kicks him in the face, then he connects with a springboard crossbody and counters a chokeslam with a DDT for two. Cody tags in and he assists Goldust with a double suplex, then Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Show chops him in midair. Rey gets in and takes Cody down with a shoulder block and seated senton, then Cody goes for a rollup but Rey kicks him in the head and gets a near fall. Rey whips him but Cody counters with a Disaster Kick for two, then he calls for Cross Rhodes but Rey knees him and sets up a 619. Goldust runs in but Rey hits him with a 619 , then Show throws Goldust into the barricade and Cody dives at him. Show catches him and tries to throw him into the ringpost, but Cody floats over and sends Show facefirst into the ringpost. He gets back in the ring and Rey splashes him for a near fall, then he heads up top but Cody catches him and sets up Cross Rhodes. Rey counters and goes for a 619, but Cody counters with an Alabama Slam attempt before Rey blocks that, so Cody finally hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners – Goldust & Cody Rhodes

R-Truth (w/ Xavier Woods vs Brodus Clay (w/ Tensai & The Funkadactyls)

Truth kicks Brodus in the face and dropkicks him for two, then he dances and hits an axe kick for another near fall. Brodus rolls outside so Truth splashes him, then he rolls him in and heads up top, but Brodus crotches him on the ropes. Brodus hits him a few times and connects with an Earthquake splash of the ropes, then he steps on Truth's chest and punches him in the chest before hitting an exploder suplex. Brodus mocks Truth and hits a running corner splash, then he clotheslines him in the corner and Truth lands outside so Tensai tells Brodus to get him back in the ring. They argue briefly as Woods helps Truth back in the ring, but Brodus puts him in tree of woe position and knees him in the stomach. Tensai screams at him to make the cover but Brodus says he's got it, then Brodus says he's better than him so Tensai leaves. Brodus screams at him and then the Funkadactyls end up leaving him too, then Truth rolls him up from behind and wins it.

Winner – R-Truth

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