Complete 2CW “99 Problems” Free-for-View Results & Live Review

Mike Killam

2CW2CW is giving away their "99 Problems" iPPV absolutely free tonight, and Wrestlezone will be providing live coverage, along with a live review by Mike Killam. 

2CW Presents: "99 Problems"
Nov. 23, 2013 – Binghamton, NY

LINK: Match Card
LINK: Free-for-View Stream

The audio for the stream clicked on exactly at 6:30 as advertised; the video followed a few seconds later. I can't get a good look at the crowd, so no idea how many are in attendance. The ring announcer tells the crowd to pop huge when the show goes on the air at 7PM. The audio quality is pretty good. It's pretty dark in the building, but it's not un-watchable by any means. 

Kick-Off Match
Strive to Survive
League of Justice vs. Hamin's Hackers

While I was writing up the details for this match, some guy named ZS III was eliminated from the League of Justice. Basically there's a "Team America" vs. "Team Iran" theme going on. Hamin's Hackers all gang up on Dick Justice, wrapping him up in their flag, and kidnapping him. The ref throws the match out as a No Contest as the heels all retreat to the back, met with a "you stole Dick" chant from the crowd. 

Well, I went into this kick-off match having no clue who any of these guys were, and five minutes later… nothing was accomplished. I'm not going to hold it against 2CW since this was a "free kick-starter match" probably advertised before they decided to give this card away for free. It'll probably reflect better on the night if we just pretend that didn't happen. 

-The free-for-view will return with the actual card in 10 minutes. 

-And we have an opening video package! Let's roll! 


This match is happening because the last time these two locked up, they went 30 minutes to a time limit draw. Gargano is very clearly the fan-favorite here, as he controls the first few minutes of the match. Jason Axe comes back briefly, which the crowd doesn't like, but gets caught with an enzuigiri and a suicide dive into the rails. Gargano takes a viking helmet (yes, a viking helmet) and shoves one of the horns where the sun don't shine. 

Back into the ring Jason goes, but Gargano comes through the second rope, only to get caught with an Unprettier. Cool spot. Spinebuster connects for a 2-count. A couple minutes are run off the clock with rest holds, until Johnny comes back with a spear from the apron. A running double knee strike, followed by a suplex into the corner turnbuckle grants him a 2-count. 

Axe comes back with an inverted suplex, giving it a little rotation, but still no decisions in this Ironman Match. Gargano fires off with about 20 forearm shots, followed by a wicked superkick. Axe shakes it off and comes out of nowhere with a pele kick, but gets turned inside-out by a running lariat. Johnny tries for the Hurts Donut, but gets caught with a Death Valley Driver; 2-count. They battle to the ring apron, and Gargano doesn't get all of an enzuigiri, so he follows that up with a suicide dive taking them both into the barricade. 

Gargano with a lawn dart sending his opponent head-first into the guard rail. Sick. The fans chant for it "one more time", but he goes to the well too many times, and Axe counters into a fireman's carry drop to the floor. Axe crawls back into the ring, and Johnny barely makes the 10-count as we get the "five minute warning" from our ring announcer. The Gargano Escape locked in out of nowhere as the fans clamor for Axe to tap out; he counters into a crossface instead. 

Johnny gets to the ropes to break the hold, and immediately hits a series of running dropkicks into the corner. They battle up to the top rope, and Gargano hits a second lawn dart into the bottom turnbuckle. 1…2…Axe kicks out, but Gargano is right back into the Gargano Escape! Jason rolls out of it into a single leg crab, but the bell rings for the 30-minute finish. 


The fans chant "5 more minutes" but Axe says he doesn't owe them anything as he just went through hell. He challenges Gargano to a 60-minute Ironman match, and Gargano accepts. 

That was a pretty damn good opening contest. I had a feeling after they said their last match went the distance, that we wouldn't get an actual finish here. It's not always necessary either; wrestling fans need to practice some patience anyways. I quite like not being able to see the count-down clock on my screen throughout the match. It would have added to the suspense during the final few minutes, but not having it kept me interested and focussed my attention on what was going on in, and around the ring. 

Lots of good spots were seperated by enough rest holds to allow these guys to wrestle at a brisk pace, without getting burnt out halfway through the contest. It'll be interesting to see how they book this match for 60-minutes, whenever the rematch is booked. 30 minutes well spent from both guys. Axe needs to get some real heat behind him though. Gargano's popularity on the indie circuit was enough to carry this one, but Axe has a really good opportunity to make a name for himself through this rivalry.

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